Coming back!  

Posted by ainul ilyani

Oh my, it happened to me that in all of sudden I feel like it has been so long I haven't opened my blog. And when I open my blog, Argh, I feel like writing again. My obsession of blogging is still alive I can't believe it. Oh my..God knows how much I love blogging. I started to realize that I am no more as expressive as always since my life has gone through sudden change (drastically), being super busy juggling with two munchkins and works, but I am so grateful life has been great. Who says life is easy kan. 

So today, I proudly announce that I will continue blogging again. One of the main reasons is that  I want to appreciate every single moment of raising them up by writing it in a blog. Print it and let them read one day.

Writing may not be my talent, but I love it.


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