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Just saying (Part 1)

Clock is ticking
Alarm is beeping
We are still sleeping
When the world is crying
People are dying
We are happily laughing
It's like nothing is happening

They need our understanding
not only seeing
without helping
We should do something
instead of just standing
and say nothing
We should start asking
"Do we care enough for the living?"

Kampung Jawa, 2014

Just Saying (Part 2)

As time is leaving
We are aging
Enough of dreaming
It's time for running
keep going and hang in
for success is waiting
to those who keep believing 
No time to give in

Kg Jawa, 2014

Just saying (Part 3)

Stars are twinkling
Moon is sparkling
Sun is shining
Wind is blowing

Time is fading
We are still breathing
With countless blessing
Let's praying

The journey of parenting
is never-ending
As our children growing
let them spread their wing
watch them flying
That's how they are learning

Kg. Jawa,2014


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