Here I am. Again.  

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This little boy is no more a baby and he's going to get an Adik very soon.

Here I am...  

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This year is going to end very soon and I would call 2014 as a-made-through year since sudden change really turned me into someone too serious. As I am aging, okay, 28 year old shouldn't sound too old but truth is I feel old. I just took a quiz that reveals my mental age. Yeay! I got my real age, 28 while my husband got 45. See how matured my hubby is though he is a few months younger than me. I was a happy bunny the moment I got the result, telling myself I am not that old! Some said if your husband is as same age as you, you may look older. Just an assumption though. I hope so, I wish to look way much younger than him so I am thinking about going to spa for massage and facial treatment. Tak pernah buat pun sejak khawin dan beranak pinak. Hoho.

My pretty boy Affan is already one year old on last September and yeah, it seems time flies very very fast, I am afraid I am gonna miss his babyhood like I do with his big sister. My serious looking boy likes to draw a frown most of the time that his dad always makes fun of it. His development is going fine, but he is not able to call me mama. Waiting for that moment and it feels like ages, haha. Alhamdulillah, he's still on mama's milk, and a full breastfed baby. This second breastfeeding journey seems very smooth-sailing, thanks to my first journey of breastfeeding that taught me a lot. I did skip  a pumping session a few times owing to emergency case but manage to get back on track. 

My man is still passionate with his business,  his effort is fruitful and he never stops climbing up the road of success despite there was time he fell down but I am proud to see him grow stronger days by days. He always choose to get up and never give up. That's my man! 

My humble house will soon be completed, In sya Allah, around 2015. We may move into our first house in the end of 2015. I already imagine about the interior design of our house especially the kitchen part. Being a minimalist, we want it to be modern and simple. Since I don't wish to hire a maid and juggling with tots (wish to add more) , I want to make sure that the furniture are easy  to handle and the space looks bigger for my tots to run. 

That's all for now! ;)

Just Saying  

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Just saying (Part 1)

Clock is ticking
Alarm is beeping
We are still sleeping
When the world is crying
People are dying
We are happily laughing
It's like nothing is happening

They need our understanding
not only seeing
without helping
We should do something
instead of just standing
and say nothing
We should start asking
"Do we care enough for the living?"

Kampung Jawa, 2014

Just Saying (Part 2)

As time is leaving
We are aging
Enough of dreaming
It's time for running
keep going and hang in
for success is waiting
to those who keep believing 
No time to give in

Kg Jawa, 2014

Just saying (Part 3)

Stars are twinkling
Moon is sparkling
Sun is shining
Wind is blowing

Time is fading
We are still breathing
With countless blessing
Let's praying

The journey of parenting
is never-ending
As our children growing
let them spread their wing
watch them flying
That's how they are learning

Kg. Jawa,2014