Weaning off my Ayla  

Posted by ainul ilyani

Okay, Ayla was officially weaned off from breastfeeding about five days ago. I swear this is one of the hardest things to do in my life. It's like I am loosing something big, something precious, something I couldn't find anywhere, something special. Part of me falling apart. I feel like crying but I don't. My hubby just sympathized looking at me juggling with two babies day in day out, he told me that that's the best decision as Ayla has got enough, she was more than 2 and half year old, she does not need the teat anymore. I was in doubt at first, I was torn into two, 50/50, I was just so afraid I am gonna lose the special bonding we have built together for the past 2 and half years. 

It happened so fast, I put asam jawa, it didn't work. My hubby asked me to put Nescafe , then Ayla looked at her drug and said,

"Eeei, kotor,eeei"

That was the last moment before she asked for no more.

It's not easy. Seriously. I thanked god, Affan is taking it over. ;). As Affan basking in the warmth of my hands, creating the special bond that I thought I am going to lose it. This helped me to handle the pain of weaning off Ayla. 

Alhamdulillah. Mama was so happy to have an opportunity to give you potion of love till the very last drop, by God willing. Looking you grow up healthily and happily really make my days beautiful. I really appreciate every moment we have been together, I never forget the moment our eyes met.  The beautiful feeling of having you in my arm to enjoy the greatest gift God gave to you, potion of love. Mama halalkan setiap titis susu mama yang Ayla minum, mama redha, mama doa mohon keberkatan agar Ayla jadi manusia hebat untuk agama Allah. Mama sayang Ayla sangat.


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