7th-month pregger wanna say something.  

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Time seems to fade away too fast that I forgot I am already on my 7th month. Yeah, I am a 7-month pregger. Looking at my belly that keeps getting round and round and huge, it made me feel so nervous as it is a sign that labour is getting nearer and God knows I am in a bundle of nerves. Man, I just can’t imagine of getting pregnant again but you know, woman and a sense of Mak-Mak can never be apart, and the feeling of wanting to have more kids makes me forget the pain. I pray I am going to have normal and safe delivery this time around, thinking of having more kids. Heh ;B. God knows Best. 

Recently, I hardly stand up for long hours and walk at fast pace. No more running and jumping with Ayla or I will collapse. It feels like my vein is twisted at the middle, limit my movement, if I make a sudden or rush movement, it feels so painful like my vein is cutting off or something like seriously. Orang tua-tua kata “sentak mengkarung”. To make a move, it takes a few seconds. I think maybe due to the hike of current weight, about 13 kg! I am so chubby, everybody said that. Such a bad news for a girl. 

Ayla is still breastfeeding and enjoying it to the max, there's no sign of weaning off at all. It’s okay, as long as we are happy, who cares kan. ;). My baby grows well; in fact, my health condition is way much better compared to my first pregnancy. Cool. This baby got her medical card including saving as early as 28 month in her mummy’s tummy. He is his daddy’s client. 

 I was almost suffered from gastric, two times during this second pregnancy but only lasted a day and fully recovered after I just learnt about natural remedies from DR Google. Ginger juice and coconut water seem to work well with my body like seriously, the reason why I prone to choose natural approach to cure any pain but still not against modern remedies. But still a BIG No-No to Jamu, I don’t like the taste! And the smell too! Heh ;B 

My sunshine and Mr Joker 

Ayla is a daddy’s girl, she will only look for me when she wants to bask in the warmth of comfort. That’ s it. Mama suka! I can have a very long rest. 
“Nak air susu” 
“Nak mandi” 
“Jom main” 
“Nak ikan”
“Nak ikut, nak ikut” 
"Nak mandi"
"Nak makan"

Semua cari ayah! Ayahlah orang paling penyabar kat dunia boleh tahan bagi makan kat Ayla sampai Ayla puas, mandi basuh makan segala. Ayah masak untuk mama ngan Ayla hari-hari. Iron baju mama. Sampai mama cakap,

“Sayang sebenarnye takut nak beranak, tapi sebab dapat suami cam abang, beranak sepuloh pun takpe, Hoho” 

Poyo je cakap gitu, macam lah mampu sgt kan. 

My Ayla has her favourite songs. Yet the only song she can recite every word clearly is 

Kaulah ratu hatiku.. 
Bila….ku berduka.. 
Engkau hiburkan selalu.

She is able to finish the song from the beginning till the end! She will make a high pitch voice when she reaches “Bila”. She also memorizes Alif Ba Ta song and already recognizes some of Arabic alphabets. She brushes her teeth on her own. Ntah bersih ntah tak. She likes massaging my belly with stretch-mark lotion and sing out loud. Ha Ha. She really makes my day! Ayla knows the name of people around her especially if those attracts her attention. So if she remembers your name, that means she loves you! Ayla will never leave her pinky bear whenever she goes. When she cannot find it, she will ask me “bear bear?”. Ayla is a healthy and bubbyl girl as always. My forever sunshine. 

However, I still feel bad that I can’t afford to send her to good playschool ;(. She actually gets a very minimum stimulation. Dijaga oleh orang kampung tapi penuh dengan kasih sayang (mm,takpelah, dah takde taska berdekatan), no educational activities, less chit-chat, and with her mum spends a little time with her (go back home late in the evening and terbongkang atas tilam right after coming back home, she always comes to me with a bundle of books, asks me to read those for her). Despite of lack stimulation, she can tell me what pictures she sees in the book clearly. Ayam, Kokokok, Goat, embek bek, kucing Miow,miow, susu, kerusi, roti, biskut, kismis etc.That impressed me so much. I am so sorry Ayla, I try to give the best I can but at times, what I plan may not go as I wish. Keep shining, my sunshine. 


Do not want to talk about school! Ha ha. Boring. But I love my students and I still love teaching.


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