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I think I have been pushing myself at full blast. It’s good. It’s good to see myself being busy doing something that cudgels my brain since it seems not to be working like a Trojan lately. I have been sleeping a lot but still feel weary and no more reading good books, too much spent on my students’ essays and exam questions. I can’t live life like this; lack of reading will not do any good. There’s a lot to think about before my maternity leave in September. 

 I am so happy that morning sickness has faded away since last week. I can’t describe how I feel when I started to eat like human (again), haha, but my appetite is not that big. I stop when I can’t take it anymore lest I feel like ‘mabuk-mabuk kepayang”. Despite of little appetite and not eating rice, I still gain weight, about 5 kilos from normal weight. 

Here are some pics of my 3 month baby. Taken two months ago. Lambat upload. ;) Heh.

 I think it's a boy. Can you see the ball? It's quite obvious, don't you think so. ;)

I look at these pics everyday, million times, an excitement of seeing there's a wonder of god in your womb. Miracle! ;D

Ayla is doing great; she can say some words clearly but still not able to speak full sentence fluently. She drinks Goat milk through a mug like an adult, an alternative for kids who prone to get allergies though she has no allergies and healthy but I prefer goat milk or fresh milk. I choose goat milk because Ayla seems to love its taste as much as I do. Yeah, we share the same milk. And she’s still breastfeeding just for comfort because there’s no more milk. If she cries or gets mad, she will run to me and find the teat herself. Funny.I have no heart to force her to wean her off. I still want it to happen naturally. I got lots of critics around me, and it never changes my mind, not even a bit. Sorry. It’s my kid, it’s my choice. Two years ago, I fight for full breastfeeding and stand on my ground, ignores all the obstacles though I can tell ya’ it’s a teary journey all the way. God knows. Time will come that she will eventually wean off.


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