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I spot her strolling around Embah’s house with remote control in her hands. A whole family could not watch the TV because she ran away with remote control. And look at her feet, that is her mum’s slipper. Every toddler has this habit, well; it’s just a part of growing up.

I brought her to our relatives’ engagement ceremony. While a crowd was in silence to give a respect to prayer recitation, Ayla was busy shuffling around and excitedly climbing up the staircase that everybody’s eyes were staring at her and when I held her, she was about to yelp so I grabbed her, dashed to the kitchen, asked Nenek Endak's permission to let her play with sepit baju dalam bekas plastik

This picture was taken when we have a picnic at the seashore of Teluk Batik. We enjoyed sea-bathing. It was a nice place with beautiful view and good facilities.


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