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Life has been so hectic lately, with schools and everything, I thank God that January is going to leave me very soon and fortunately, packed schedule really makes me forget what day is today each time I enter my class, that means I don’t bother to count days of coming holidays till the day has come, I would be extremely happy because holidays seem to greet me first before I do it. The feeling of waiting  is definitely not a good feeling. Ha Ha. 

 I think I am not the only one who says the beginning is always the hardest you know, the beginning of the school always seems a race against time and workloads really seizes my quality time with Ayla. This is very distressing because moments of growing up will never wait, once you miss it, you are going to miss it forever.  

This year, I have to teach form five for the first time, I have to spend much time on reading novel; “Step by wicked step” because there will be a question on novel in SPM, 15 marks for that section. My first impression is the story must be boring, Ha Ha, but when I reached Pixie’s part. Oh my, this really breaks my heart to see a terrible conflict faced by an innocent kid owing to their parents’ divorce. It is so heart rending. Born in the perfect family, and most of my friends come from perfect family, I can never imagine how these kids struggle with themselves and never give up putting hope against hope to live as one family again when the truth is it would never happen. How their emotion greatly disturbed by something that never ever come across their mind it would happen to them; mum and dad split up. Okay, I am so emotional talking about this since I was called a MaMa. Overall, I would say the story is boring because it is a very sad story as learning literature should be fun. Ha Ha. I am too frank here, during my time, I have to study The Pearl and it’s boring too and I could not recall how I response to the question in SPM. 

And awh,I have to teach form one too, and InshaAllah, PBS will be no problem to me, I can picture myself of what am I going to do with my form 1 students as I went through experience doing PBS last year. To my surprise, I become Ketua Panitia Bahasa Inggeris, man, can I cry now. As usual, form teacher, Persatuan Bahasa Inggeris, Kadet Bomba, Setiausaha Kantin and the list goes on. Meeting, meeting, taklimat, PPD, kursus. I have no feelings telling you this; wish that I will be able to handle the responsibilities as long as I can, repay all the lacking I made last year. 

Almost every day I come back home late, the first place I will head to is bedroom right after coming back home, lend my ear to Ayla’s favourite line, “nak num air tutu ,nak tutu”. I try to enjoy our precious time together no matter how tired I feel because I know, it won’t last long, it’s hard to accept this fact, breastfeeding is the most beautiful moment I have ever had with my Ayla, the bonding is too strong that I miss her every minute. 

Babe. I stop here, try not to miss updating my blog at least once a month because blogging is part of my life. 


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