Welcoming school hols.  

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Despite of being busy marking my students’ paper for the past few weeks and it was a race against time to finish PBS, time pressed though it was a time-consuming task actually, yet I  felt so contented that long break finally greeted me. I was waiting for long hols like forever. The main problems with PBS was that it was implemented not at the right time, started in the mid of year when the entire assessment requires the whole year to get a reliable result of students achievement, not to say key-in problems that it is not about internet connection but the system or perhaps the software itself which works inefficiently and very very slow, I think we’d had enough! Most teachers kept trying to get into the system and ended up complaining and tensed up, most of them woke up at 2.00 pm.and 4 p.m. just to get into the system when at that moment, Ayla is having her milk. I decided not to make any progress at all, because I do not want to get tensed up, Ha Ha, till some have successfully got in, then I started doing it and finished the task at one go! Hooray, then, dashed to the Pizza Hut for a double cheesy chicken Chop Pizza pan.Yummeh. Eating pizza made my day after almost every day I’ve been haunted by my students’ handwriting that made me round the bend; I stopped for every two essays with hundreds of them were still waiting for me. It took me about more than 3 weeks to over and done with marking and keying-in. What a huge relief! Fuh! 


My hubby turned 26 year-old on 1st November 2012. I made a surprise. A very simple one but enough to make us smile for the whole day. Home-made choc cake, a spontaneous long ‘memorandum’ on his Birthday card which is ready-made, sadly to say I can’t make a hand-made card this year like I used to do back in the days. 


Ayla is going to be 20-months in a week, time flies, she becomes cleverer days by days, impressed us with her new skill especially her literacy skill as she’s able to say many words and understands some of instructions. Her development grows well according to her age. She is addicted to Upin and Ipin, Boboiboy. She does not want to eat and a very picky eater most of the time, looks thinner, but remains with an ideal weight and still fully breastfed, Alhamdulillah. She’s healthy and loves cat very much that she will tail the cat everywhere it goes and strokes its back cruelly till the cat makes a weird face, pulls and squashes its tail, fingers its nose, all I can do is to pray that the cat will not turn out to be feral. I have about four months to reach the end of breastfeeding journey and I hope it will have a happy ending though only God knows how hard it is for me to reach this point but He gives me strength to not giving up. Allahuakbar. Alhamdulillah. In Shaa Allah. I can make it to two years, with God willing. Anyway, to tell the truth, two mums personally met me face-to-face, asked my permission to be ibu susuan for their babies. Yeah, I have milk babies. Anyway, it is a long story and I’ll write it later.


I am now enjoying school hols like there’s no tomorrow but I have to come back to Sabak Bernam in December for only a few days because I am in charge also to attend a meeting. I thank God I am not one of those lucky teachers who have to stay back to be in charge as Pengawas Peperiksan SPM. Heh. Next year, maybe, I hope I was on maternity leave that time. Haha. Ameen.


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