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It has been 2 days my hubby was busy as a bee doing sales in Teluk Intan. Since Ayla’s true ‘Joker’ is away, Ayla is attached to me every minute, taking bath together, cooking together, eating together, watching TV together, strolling around the house together, reading book together and everything is done together. Even when I have to go to toilet, she will bang on the door like mad and I have to scream out telling her I am on urgent, Ha Ha. I have to lend my ear to her cry for half minute, nak buang air pun dah hilang feel! I still remember the last time I felt so lonely here in Sabak Bernam that I feel like I was living in a dead world, looked like a zombie. The word “lonely” never comes across my life since Ayla was born. And since Ayah, mama and Ayla live together under one roof. Hopefully happily ever after ( ^^,)

Sunshine, Wonder-mum, Joker! Haha!
I have piles of paper need to be mark but in no mood to even glance at them, all right, how about start doing it tomorrow? Marking paper with a toddler toddling all over the place and ogling at everything with great excitement is tough! To wait for her to sleep seems to take forever and when she asks for her milk, the mother will enjoy snuggling to her in the bed together. 

Ayla seems to be a very picky eater when she’s with me, I try so hard to make her eating but she will run away and just shut her lips tightly, and I try to shove the food against her shut lips over and over again, she will turn over her head then grits her teeth. I do not want to force her to eat because I fear she would not find eating as fun, I give up. She only wants to be breastfed and sometimes she asks for some plain water. She will come to me or to her dad and say,”nak air, nak air”. Ayla now likes to throw a tantrum. 

Weather in Sabak Bernam and Teluk Intan is scorching hot that you can get grilled, about 38 C, well, what to expect when you live in Tropical climate country, Hayyo! Macamlah baru duduk Malaysia. Sweating all nights is something normal, pity my Ayla, she got rashes on her forehead, so guys, wish to have a free sauna that can burn your fats and good for detoxification? Come! Drop to my house! Mm..Maybe we should get ourselves an air-cond, should I? but I want to save money. Save money for something worth, like buying a new handbag, HaHaHa (Evil laugh), NO NO NO. Awh (-_-)’


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