Safe motherhood.  

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Safe motherhood. I just know about this term after delving into page 48 in the latest Solusi edition, by coincidence when I was not sure whether my decision regarding family-planning was a good idea, I have blathered about ‘I can’t wait to get pregnant again previously’, I found this amazing magazine effectively answered my query in depth, and every single word really connects to myself, well-said. Thanks Prof Madya Dr Harlina Siraj for justifying the issue faced by many mothers, especially, me, a new mother who desperately needs more and more knowledge on everything about family and parenting. Thanks Allah, he always gives me a way in a way that I never think of. I stumbled upon this great magazine when I was about to look for food in the counter of petrol station on the way to Port Dickson. 

Above are two pages of clarification on family-planning according to Islam perspective. I would like to add more on Al-Ghayla, please correct me if I am wrong, based on my reading, Muhammad SAW at first discouraged women to continue breastfeeding their babies during pregnancy but when he saw Persian and Rome were doing fine doing both at the same time, then, he did not hold back the idea. That means, if mommy is able of breastfeed during pregnancy and fit enough for that, it would be okay for her to continue breastfeeding. It depends on mum because there are some cases that the mummy gets bleeding and some may not be able to do so due to bad morning sickness. Islam is an ideal way of life, there are many Ruhksah, do not be too rigid. If you want more info on Al-Ghayla you can go to;


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