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It is September already and there’s no entry in August at all, that was uncanny I would say because there are a lot of things at the back of my mind I want to put across here but the first thing first that I am so excited to talk was about last Syawal. Though Syawal has already left us, I am extremely happy that this year Hari Raya is a roaring success! Okay, okay, roaring success might sound a little bit overstating but seriously the last time I got to fast on the whole Ramadan was when I was 12 years old, how long is that? This year, I was able to fast for the whole Ramadan as my menses came on the second day of Syawal. I broke my life record, since I was baligh, I must have at least one week of qadha’ puasa. My lucky star, it was just a few days late resulted in my dream to fulfil the 30 days of fasting during Ramadhan came true. I did not expect it, being a fully breastfeeding mum, I thought period will not come till at least a year but I was wrong. It comes with menstrual pain right after postpartum. I thanked Allah for giving me an extraordinary strength as I thought I would be weak at my knees. Being able to fully breastfeed Ayla during Ramadan is physically challenging, but hey, Alhamdulillah, I was full of beans to undergo fasting month despite working and cooking really suck out my energy, not to say a very scorching hot weather in Sabak Bernam really dried up my throat, I swear icy cold water was in my head every minute, Haha. My weight turned to 44 kg, now is 45 kg, no wonder people say I look skinny. I love it! Call me anorexia! Ha Ha. Any way, I think I look good with 45 kg, it is considered chubby as compared to my previous weight before I got married, 38 kg. I tell you, I look scarier than a zombie that time.


Ayla is going to be 18 month this Thursday! Time creeped up on us, I can’t believe I can actually reach 18 month of breastfeeding journey, full without supplementing with formula milk, Alhamdulillah. She seems to lose appetite at times, prefers mummy’s milk and her weight did not even change, maintains with an ideal weight, about 10kg, so should be no worry. I just know that the growth of breastfed baby is different to formula-fed baby; both do not use the same graph chart as a reference. I accidentally stumble upon this chart. 


Lately, I got extra class with form three students despite the fact that I never teach form three. I bring along Ayla and let her play around, she is well-behaved only when she gets something to play with so I make sure I bring together Raisins (Ayla’s jajan), my Galaxy note (so that she can talk with Tom), Paper and pen (let her smudge something), I wish I can buy her some play dough but she’s not ready to play it because she will excitedly put it into her mouth (she’s still has this habit)


If you follow my facebook status update, you will know about recent tragedy, tragedy sounds so tragic kan? It is tragic for me! It was about centipede. A baby centipede was crawling at my back when I was woken up with piercing hot pain all over my back, I was panicked, screamed out, my hubby woke up and right away grabbed that crawling centipede and killed it. His finger got bitten too and we could not sleep that night. Thanks to technology, if not because an I-Phone with 3G, we will never know about traditional way of treating centipede bite, in a minute; Tamarind seed was minced with batu lesung and then, applied it on that painful area. It did work within hours, however it took two days to fully recover from indescribable pain, it feels like burning. We thought Ayla was safe, nevertheless, she got sudden fever on the same day and I found the little red bumps at her armpit. She vomited, only once and now she was fully recovered Alhamdulillah. As I am writing this, I am still traumatized, carried away with the feeling that centipede is haunting my life! Like forever. Oh, creepy! That little creature give me the creeps! Tidur pun sudah tidak lena mengenangkan makhluk tersebut menyelinap di celah-celah. I am so allergic with cockroach, frogs, centipede, ulat gonggok and sewaktu dengannya. Hitherto, the thing I hate the most always come into my life, since I moved to Sabak Bernam, I have to live with these creatures, accept them as a part of my life! I still remember the last time I was shoving my foot into shoes, my toes got stuck immediately when I felt something cold and soft like jelly, I screamed to the top of my lung and threw away my shoes, my legs were shaking with disgust when I saw an ugly face was peeping out, it was a frog! This happened two times, the third time was when I was ready to spread my bedsheets, there again, a frog jumped out. The fourth time; my hands stroked the same creature while I put my hand into my hubby’s backpack to look for something without looking what’s inside, oh, gelinya! I jumped over my mattress like a superman, can you imagine that? and Ayla was so surprised looking at her mum, we cried together! Ntah pape ntah. There were times cockroaches flew over our head dengan penuh selamba, ini lipas tahap hebat ni. It took great effort to calm myself down after being so hysterical. Ridsect and Belerang are everywhere now.


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