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Before I straight away talking about my Ayla, I have a good news. Alhamdulillah! 

My mind flashed back to ups and down of those three days in a row; a severe menstrual cramp, breastfeeding Ayla during lectures when I was not allowed to go out, not prepared for exam, all these hitches were not a reason to fail after all. I was actually imagining a word “TIDAK LULUS” with all capital letters though.


Ayla my girl makes my days happier and happier that I can’t imagine my life without her. She means everything to me, she changed me a lot. I could see me myself transform into a very different person inside out. More patient than I was before. Tolerant. And more sensitive too. The most obvious part is selebet with tudung senget-senget. 

Ayla still likes exploring her sense of taste by licking; I noticed it when I saw her pouring baby talc on a floor, smearing talc all over her body and fingering a little into her pouty mouth. And her mum turned out to be a Tarzan; screamed to the top of my lung, 


She was too shocked and cried a bloody murder as she thought mummy was ticking her off.  I approached her to say sorry and to tell her I could not control myself from screaming when she does something wrong in front of my eyes. The more I tried to explain, the more she screamed. I always yelp when I am too shocked that it is a pure reflex! Ayla likes to scream too, very loud that everybody always says she got a very loud voice. Ayla is exposed to the highest pitch of voice since she was in my tummy, oh well, her mum screams at a classroom every day. That is how mum earning some money for living. 

Yesterday I saw Ayla took a Yasin book, opened it, and guess what she did? She pretended like she’s mengaji because I could hear a rhyme. Soon after she finished mengaji, she closed the book. Kissed the book with her her eyes half-closed, and put it at where she grabbed it. That was super duper cute! Ayla entered a phase where she sees people around her are a role model. She’s able to pronounce a few words correctly, “ Atok, Kakak (pelik kan), Adoi (imitate mum), one two three (I can’t believe it, her nenek taught her), Boboy.

I stumbled upon Chinese lady with her baby at the same age as Ayla was holding a sip cup. Ayla was ready to pat the girl on her shoulder like she always does. Then, I held Ayla, pointed my finger to that cute little girl  and said “Kakak”. 

Ayla clearly said the word, “ Kakak!”

 The Chinese lady was so amazed and surprised,

“Ayoo! Sudah pandai cakap ka? Anak saya tak pandai cakap lagi loo, diam saja, pandai tunjuk-tunjuk saja” 

“Haha, tak pandai la auntie, die boleh ikut sikit-sikit saja” .

 Serious look: Think about a matter of life and death.
Smile looking at herself.
 Every time she cries, I will bring her to a mirror and say," Ayla, this is how you look like when you cry, comel tak muka Ayla nangis" , she will smile then.
Baby talc is Ayla's toy. 
Her favourite pose.

Imitating mum's eating. Nom Nom Nom.



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