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I have 32 kids under my supervision. They are so lovely, always make my days, oh, I love them except when they do not bring their books during my lesson. When I was about to get out of my class, they made a noise  as a young male teacher (unmarried) walking along the balcony and a group of boys started to get so excited, jumped and laughed,

 “ Abang xxxxx (my student’s name)!”

They kept saying this again and again with laugh till that teacher lost from their sight, he was going to the classroom next to my class. There must be something going on here. xxxxx looked so hesitant when his friends kept saying it out loud. They seemed so excited like they have just seen Michael Jackson. I was so curious when I saw xxxxx's shy-looking face. He’s quite, fair and got a smiley face but not that type of boy I like. I do not mind but I was so curious to get to know what makes that group of boys so excited repeating “Abang xxxxx''. Do they both have special relationship? I mean like girl and boy. A couple. Maybe. So, I butt in, 

 “Why are you guys keep saying that?”

 “Sebab..dia selalu tanya pasal xxxxx, dia selalu ambil berat pasal xxxxx, kalau orang lain dia buat tak tahu je’.

 “ So what, I also always ask about xxxxx but why don’t you call me ,” Kakak xxxxx“. He always ask about xxxxx because he always absent! “. I added.

 “Tak, ni lain ,panjang cerita nya..” They tried to hide something from me.

 “Oh, are you trying to keep it secret, you should share your secret with me! I am your mom! I mean, I am your class teacher,” I gave them a big grin. Before I walked out the door, the whole class stood up as usual and said, 

 “Thank you, MOM”.

 MOM! My heart melted.


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