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Alhamdulillah! Five days of Ramadhan have fulfilled when I thought I might be dead starving as Ayla suck out all the calories, proved that I am fit enough to fully breastfeed my Ayla plus my breastmilk production runs well and I will keep on breastfeeding her to the last drop for at least two years. She is now 1 year 4 month which means I have another 2 month to get a “Master of breastfeeding”, and 6 months more to finish my journey. AllahuAkbar! Thank God for being Gracious to make it possible. He gives me extraordinary strength that I can’t get it anywhere else but Him, truly the main source of strength.

 I still survive in Sabak Bernam and just recently, I started to feel like being in a comfort zone after two years of working here. Sabak Bernam is an old town that my mum likes to say, 

"Kedai Lagi banyak daripada orang."

She repeated this statement when I told her,

“Mak, Seng Heng tempat mak beli hoover dulu tu dah bangkrap, die jual habis sume barang murah-murah”. 

Now I know why not- so-big malls like Giant or Tesco are not opened here. The richest and the professional among Malay are mostly teachers when the other side of state, teacher is just a “low-standard” profession. My husband and I like to compare groceries price where we actually found out that Bandar Bukit Tinggi (an urban area) can offer cheaper price. There was a day we wanted to buy a washing machine so we made a survey by dropping by electrical shops in random. To our surprise, the price is a hundred ringgit more than the one we saw in Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang. When my hubby asked why was the price was that high, the shop owner said because 

“Kos penghantaran nak bawak dari Bandar ke sini”. 

I can’t deny the fact Sabak Bernam is a nice place for people who like quite life. With coconut trees and banana farm along the road, no traffic jam, life seems so calm and serene. Yet, the price of certain items is quite unreasonable. Raising kids here will be less burdening when it comes to think about social ills may influence your child, like seriously social ills in urban area is so devastating. My Ayla used to live in the peaceful nature, which is good, it is just no mountains or hills or waterfalls that can give superfluous tranquillity to my family. I still love Kedah more. Man, I miss Kedah badly. Kedah is a beautiful state that you can find mountains, hills, beaches, waterfalls, and also nice people everywhere.

 A few weeks ago, I was observed by Jemaah Nazir in all of sudden without preparation. I felt nothing. No butterflies in my stomach, at all. I have been observed for many times since I was under teacher training years so I get immuned, I think so. I was not feeling well that day, I got gastric and vomited I do not know why. From 7.30 a.m till 10.30 a.m, the nazir was a very loyal company; a few hours went on without a break time. I skipped my breakfast on the day I was attacked by gastric. I tried to hang on to lending my ears to nazir’s long hold forth. She checked every page of my student’s book, the way I wrote my lesson plan, every single page of my Buku Perancangan Mengajar and told me I will soon become Guru Cemerlang in five years. Whatever. I was blank. I could think nothing but food. I am always a hungry mum!

 I should finish rambling now. Bye!


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