Oh NO! It's KISSM!  

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I am all hot and bothered thinking about KISSM which is on May as Ayla is still being fully breastfed and yeah, pumping and breastfeeding is a very common problem every time I have to attend meetings and courses (Yet Alhamdulillah, so far, I was able to manage it) but KISSM is very different, I have to spend a couple of nights with a very packed schedule, not to say exams, Argh! Oh God, I am so worried. I skipped KISSM two years ago to go to Japan. I was grateful I had my KISSM now, back then, KISSM was carried out within two weeks and just recently; since last year the period was cut down to fit in a new budget, of course, to reduce the cost. I have never had a course which requires me to spend nights somewhere far from my home since Ayla was born. The fact that she usually wakes up in the middle of night a couple of times to get breastfed and then stucks with me the whole night really bother my head. Seriously, I can never imagine a night without her.

I am grateful to have a husband who is doing a freelance job, (It's my dream to be self-employed but I can't, I am still under 5 years contract), a job that he loves so much, his time is very flexible so I do not have to worry in case I have to leave my family for a night or two. A good news is that he will be dragged along with his two spoilt girls and babysit Ayla for three days in a row during KISSM. I am so worried on behalf of Fahmi, babysitting a toddler is quite challenging for a dad, well, he’s like that, a very Cool daddy, takes it in his stride. He used to look after Ayla but only for a few hours, the longest time is half of the day, every time I phone him asking about Ayla, I know his answer already, a very same answer, “Ok!” . Though after three times of calling, I still get Ok! Sometimes, I get angry and ask “Are you telling me the truth, tipu, tipu, tipu..”. He would say ,"Iyeeee… Ok!” with the giggle along the conversation and I end up with a long “Mmph”.

PMR was officially abolished and all teachers embark on new system called PBS started this year, begin with form 1 students, therefore, by 2014, we have to say Bye-bye PMR. A system that evaluates students as a whole and every subject has to provide instruments based on benchmark which I realized it’s quite similar to Taxonomy Bloom (Oh man, I still remember that!). I agree with this reformation but born in the exam-oriented generation, I was quite agitated. Really. It was a surprising transformation for me. Besides, it gives more extra works to teachers, every student must be evaluated INDIVIDUALLY, and you can never imagine how many students every teacher has to teach in residential school, and instruments keep changing till student is able to achieve the highest band as best as he/she can. No more A, B, C, D, and E but Band 1, Band 2, yes, just like MUET’s grading style.

All right, let’s talk about Ayla, school is boring! Ayla can walk with mummy’s hand at one of her hands, and stands up herself yet not dare enough to walk forward without any aids. She is about 9 and half kg, gains triple kgs from her real weight at one year old, from 3.1 kg to 9.5 kg, means she gets enough food and milk, Alhamdulillah. This is Ayla at 1 year old.
  • Takes kain buruk or tissue or any clothes including her pyjamas and wipes the floor.
  • Pretending like taking something out an empty food packet and put it into her mouth, haha! Imitates her mum’s eating.
  • Good at sipping juices using cup and straw.
  • Making jokes and laughing syok sendiri.
  • Say out loud Ayah and Mama wherever she wants. Suka sangat!
  • Climbing all over the place.
  • No teeth.
  • Still eating porridge.
  • Breastfeeding a lot till her mum gets worn-out and hungry and eats way too much, the reasons why her mum is not getting slimmer
  • Ayla has many positions while breastfeeding. The best part is that she can find the most comfortable position by adjusting herself. Kuak lentang, menonggeng , meniarap, semua ada! Haha!
  • Smiles and screams and laughs and talks (Gibberish) with many movements and actions, sorang-sorang, kuat imaginasi macam mama.
  • Likes to talk with cat named Tom in Ayah’s I-phone
  • Pantang dengar rythmn, nak joget saja, Kinaesthetic intelligence.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skill, tegur mana-mana budak dulu. Intrapersonal? fail! Haha! Still have time to work it out.
  • Stubborn like her mum, sensitive like her dad. 
  • Pandai merajuk.
  • Say “Tongue!”. She will stuck out her tongue. Haha!


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