Happy Birthday Ayla. You are one!  

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Ayla turned 1. Time flies. I could not recall how did she look like when she greeted this cruel world with a very loud cry, an innocent baby that gave me a new lease of life after I took my life in my hands. At almost one year old, she has no teeth, she does not start her first steps. It’s okay, every baby’s milestone differ to each other and please do not compare my baby with other babies. I think I am getting immuned with peoples’ judgemental reactions about her but I am okay. I do not want to think much about this, as long as I am happy, everything is fine! (Since I live together with my hubby, I turn out to be a super happy mummy! My God, after about roughly 3 years of marriage, we finally live like a normal spouse, Alhamdulillah! I become a bit bonkers because I am so happy I can’t think of anything. You can punch me, or slap me or pull my hair NOW, I would still make a Jolly laugh because I am too happy!)

Today is Ayla’s First birthday and I am so excited to celebrate it but unfortunately, I got extra classes with form four students till five o’clock this evening. Tonight, I am going to sing Happy Birthday to Ayla, sujud syukur for her presence to our life that brings so much joy and happiness. I dedicate a very simple poem to my baby girl, a sunshine that lightens our life every single day. (By the way, Ayla in Turkish means moonlight ).
Happy 1st Birthday Ayla!

My Ayla,

A sweet pink angel,
Sweeter than a pinkish rose,
May all angels shelter you with their wings.
Mummy pray you are always in the pink of health.

Under the scorching hot sun pours on you everyday,
I swear you look more shining and glowing,
May your path shines bright through.
With the brighter future waits you ahead.

With drops of sweating showers on your head,
Darling, you still smell sweet like a strawberry candy,
May your smiles are always sweet and sincere.
Be the sweetest girl to mummy and daddy.

Happy Birthday My sunshine!
You are one!
Mama and ayah love you every single day!

Sabak Bernam
February 2012


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