Happy belated..(-_-')..third wedding anniversary!  

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Yesterday we had this conversation while strolling around the Popular bookshop;

'Abang, sayang baru ingat, anniversary kite dah lepas kan?'
'Ha ah! Ha ha. Bile eh?'
'Haha. Ntah, lupe.tapi syg teringat semalam, bukan 27 februari ke?Sayang tertengok ticker kat blog tu, eh apasal dah 3 tahun kahwin ni. Check2, lorh! dah lepas.'
'Oh ye? Haha.'
'Kita kawen tahun bile?'
'2009 ke 2010?'
'2009 kan? Dah 3 tahun laa, syg birthday Ayla pun tak ingat ni, 29 mac kan?'
'Sayang..27 mac la'
'Hoho, anniversary ngan birthday Ayla, dua-dua 27? Haha, ingat tak aritu tak pasal-pasal kite makan secret recipe konon-konon nak celebratae, tapi taktau celebrate hape, hentam saja, rupanya tu kire utk anniversary kite la kan?'

Hubby continued,

“Abang penah bace kat mane ntah, to remember your wife’s birthday is to forget ^&*(%”
“Ha. Ape?”
“Alah sayang ni, abg cakap omputeh mesti tak paham, benci lah!”
“Ha ha . sorry sorry, again?'
“To remember your wife birthday is to forget ())*&”
“Ape? ape?, sorry-sorry, tak dengar, ulang balik”

He stopped walking, staring at me, tried to hold his breath, tired of repeating the same words again and again,

“To remember your wife birthday is to forget it once! Fuh”.

 Clear and loud. With a fuh sound at the end.

“Haha, hokey2!”

So far, he never forgets my birthday, last year, he made a lovely surprise with a choc cake and I was like, ”Oh my God, what happened?!” I did not remember that day was my birthday! I just knew it when I saw “Happy Birthday Ani” on the top of the cream yummy cake. Oh man, Who says woman is good at remembering special dates?


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