School and Ayla.  

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My school is not fully under government, therefore, it lacks of fundamental facilities, water-main fails to run the water or maybe the water-supply cannot reach the school toilet, I don’t know, with bad haemorrhoids I still endure due to Ayla’s delivery, I have to lift up buckets of water in order to fulfil a call of nature or postpone the great desire of relieving myself until the school bell rang and dash off to Rumah Mak Esah. Black-out too often, my breast pump would make an eerie sound before it stops sucking and 'mine' will stuck sticking inside the hole, thank God my breast pump can function well with battery. Apart from water-supply problem, seven classes have to sponge on the neighbour school just to get a place for our students so that they get a chance to undergo normal classes. The neighbour school actually caters for Sekolah Rendah Agama which starts after Zuhur whereas my school finishes after Zuhur. Time was a long and bitter conflict between these two schools, bumped up the harsh severities hence management have put it on the table. At loggerheads, lots of sighs and complains heard from that school, such as our school students vandalized public properties as our teachers did not enter the class to monitor them. Bully. Litter rubbish all over the place and so on. The final resolution came up with an agreement of strict regulations to be abided by both sides. Recently, our new principal has just announced a good news, our school will be implementing two sessions next year, morning and evening, no more morning session alone which I am extremely happy to hear that. It solved the problem of not having enough classrooms for our students. Despite of having poor facilities, my students are quite well-behaved as compared to the schools I have taught before, lessen my pressure of facing them every day, it’s just that most of them are not among an academic-inclined students who have to run extra miles just to learn the simplest thing, it’s easy to identify a bright spark. When people encourage me to go to SBP, MRSM or any good schools, I will give my reasons: Firstly, let’s say all teachers just want to teach good or highly potential students, who are going to teach the ones who are weak thus they need more. Weak students have their right to get an education. It’s everyone’s right. Secondly, I can’t choose which school I can teach.


Two months flies, we never spend our weekend at Sabak Bernam. As a matter of fact, we go back to our hometown every weekend, my husband is quite busy at weekends, he has appointments around here.


Spending half of the day at school is a bed of nails; I wish my Ayla always be by my side all the time. This year, 2012, I punch card at 7.30, I usually go back home at 5.00, I do bring along the workloads which I can’t finish at school. At long last, it is sad to see those workloads are left untouched since Ayla hungers after her mummy’s attention, or maybe her mummy yearns for her attention. Both are actually long for quality time together. She needs to be breastfed almost every two hours but most of the time, less than two hours probably because she does not eat much, cooking for her is really a time-consuming task that I prefer breastfeeding, moreover, I learnt that’s the easiest way of maintaining my milk production. It’s hard to accept the fact that my milk seems to decrease a lot after every pumping session. Alhamdulillah, the babysitter convinces me that Ayla does not ask for more than I supply her every day during working hours as she eats twice while I am at school, as a result, she drinks  less that she was in the period of exclusive breastfeeding. I realize my milk has been greatly affected owing to the lack of demand from her since she started eating solid food. 


Ayla plays a lot, she can only stay still when sleeping, right after her eyes wide open, she gets busier than her parents, lots of things to do and I have to keep an eye on her every minute. Ayla likes to pick up little things and put it into her mouth. There’s a time when I accidentally dead to the world while looking after her, out of the blue, I woke up and saw her munching, I shoved my finger into her mouth, and it was a sweet wrapper! A few weeks before this tragedy, the same thing happened, but it was a winy chip of glass, I have no idea where she got it! I thanked God that thing did not get into her digestion system. The other day, she chewed up a roll of hair because I saw it got entangled in her poop! When Ayla was about 8 month, she was sitting on her grandma’s lap while holding and shaking kotak minyak cap kapak which was given by her grandma (Her grandma tried to distract her to let her mum eating in peace), then, I saw her putting it into her mouth and suckling like crazy, I grabbed it and tried to check her mouth if there’s any tear sticking on her palate, I found nothing , the next day I noticed a tear of green piece with Chinese words in her poop (again) and it was still in the mint condition. Fahmi and I were too flabbergasted, laughed and laughed like a drain. The problem is that Ayla never interested in her colourful toys which I spent much money on them, she always be fond of plastics, mummy’s handbags, double taps, pens, pencils, cups and etc. Please do not ever give your Coach to her!

Ayla is still toothless, and I am waiting for her first teeth like crazy, yet the idea she will not bite that most sensitive part really comforting lest I will have to put up with an incredible pain. When she’s pulling her mummy’s teat with her gums, she will get stunned with her mummy’s loud voice afterwards, I tell you, it’s painful. Oh man, super scary! Imagine it is her teeth that bite her mummy’s teat, it will get sore. Ayla sleeps tightly with her mummy’s teat in her mouth, at times, her mummy has to put up a few minutes to go to the toilet. My life is about postponing a call of nature which is not good! At first I am extremely worried since most babies I met got their first teeth as early as 5 month, but my baby does not even show a sign of having her first teeth. I phoned my sister; she told me that both of her sons got their first teeth after a year. The most exciting part is she's able to show different response to different rhymes I used to sing at her. 

Tepuk Amai-amai = Clapping. 
Cap cekur udang gamet  = Open and close fist. 
Pong ke Pong Pong Pong = Moving her body right and left.
Allahu Akbar = Hands up. 
Cak = Put her hands over her face and slop!
Bye Bye = wave her little hands.
She will kick over the traces, bite her lips to show protest if we say NO or take the thing she’s holding.


Between School and Ayla, Ayla is still my top priority. She is still my number one. No doubt.


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assalamualaikum..kak ani follow la blog dr halina ni..she wrote all about mommies-2-shared..may it help..

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Thank you dear, I did follow her blog ;)

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