A beginning of 2012.  

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The first time I launched my blog a few years ago, I made a promise to post at least an entry per month. I broke my promise. I am sorry. I hardly be with my laptop and consume more than 24 hours with workloads (yet, there’s always something coming up next) as well as keep an eye on Ayla besides internet connection is so slow to the extent page has to be reloaded times without number. Argh!

Something that makes me really grateful is that we live under one roof since January and it does feel nice and weird at the same time, seriously, because I used to stand on my foot together with Ayla. Despite we are quite busy with our own works; we are able to manage everything rather well. Hubby helps a lot, does the laundry, cooks for Ayla and cleans the house if he’s at home. Recently, I survived two weeks without him because he had to go for training at Genting and I almost forgot how to handle everything alone. Duh! ;B

It takes half an hour of driving from my house to school, I have to punch card before 7.30 a.m, I set off about 6.50 a.m. in the peep of day. Most of the time, Ayla behaves well in the morning as she’s still drowsy. Late in the evening, about 5.00 am, I always take about more than an hour to arrive home because Ayla screams at the top of her voice and cries real hard while I am driving, she would cry for only two reasons, craves for a nip and wants to be free from her seat. I try to distract her by singing out loud, lending her my purse, my bag, baby toys but soon after she bored play with those, she starts to pull a long face, slants down her lips and cries a bloody murder that gets me into a panic. In a state of panic, I press my car’s signal to stop by roadside. It happens again and again I don’t know when it won’t happen again.

Early of this year, I have to extend my working hour, from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm and work against the clock. My milk supply is decreasing tremendously, hardly find time to express my milk, I got milk blister and clogged milk a few times and it was painful.

I am stressed.

Bring me to the beach to put my mind at rest.


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