The whole family got a fever.  

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Opah (Ayla's babysitter) told me that she could not afford to go to mosque for terawikh owing to a very bad flu. This worried me too much as Ayla’s immunity is about to build that I know she’s still way too susceptible to fever, she’s not even reaching five months yet. The thing that I scared most finally happened, when I was holding Ayla in my arm and getting ready to put her in baby car seat, I heard the bibik (Opah’s daughter)  screaming out,

“Ape tu! hidung Ayla macam ada air leleh-leleh”

I slightly swayed my head over Ayla , Oh My God, she got a flu!

“ Alah , berjangkit dengan opah ke”. Opah’s voice was full of guilt.


Ayla grows up well and healthily, a chunky baby who always wakes up in the morning with a toothless smile and falls asleep at night after a long howl for a nip. She never got a fever even after a few jabs of immunizations that I am in no doubt that she is always be fine hence nothing to worry about. I got a wrong idea that she won’t get sick for the sake of getting full breast milk. On Thursday night, around 2 00 a.m, while breastfeeding her, I felt her skin was hot when it touched my body, not as warm as usual. I grabbed a little bean digital thermometer, put it under her armpit and Tet! Tet! Tet! It was 38C ! Oh man. I woke my husband up, told him that Ayla got a high temperature and what should we do. There was no nearby clinic, it was already around 2.00 am and my hubby looked worn out after driving 151 km straight away from working hours and just reached here in Sabak Bernam. When thing like this happens, I am always be at my wits’ ends, letting myself into a tizzy like there’ s no tomorrow while my hubby takes it under his stride, acts like nothing happens and everything is okay. However, Ayla was still demanding for milk, sleeping well and looking comfortable so I guessed she should be in no danger. My hubby took napkins, soaked them wet, applied that cool damp cloth on her forehead and tummy, did it again and again till the dusk. We checked her temperature again that morning, it dropped to normal, 37 C.

It does not end there,

Soon afterward, I felt like durian skin caught under my throat that I clammed up every minute. Oh No, infections from Ayla invaded my body’s system and my immune system is now combating with this evil virus! When push came to shove, I managed not to go back to Sabak Bernam, staying alone with Ayla in this condition would have been a mess. On Monday night, I got a fever. Since all the clinics were closed, we shoved off to 24 hour clinic surgery, I got two days MC. As I am writing this, my head is heavy with runny nose, coughing with phlegm, maybe it is the signs that the pain is slowly easing off, I hope so. I intended to take a sip of cough syrup made from an ivy dried leaf, nevertheless, accidentally stumbled upon one article stating that it is not suitable for breastfeeding mum! I have no idea. I am not sure and I choose not to take it. I am a bit agitated to see Ayla poops rather often than usual and the poops look a bit watery. I consume 1000 mg of paracetamol and Maxomillin. Is it okay? I know I should take a calculated risk since everything I eat will affect my breast milk. I called my brother to ensure the meds will not harm my baby, he asked me,

“Does the Doc know that you breastfeed?


So it should be okay

I did some googling to convince me. It is confirmed that those pills are safe for breastfeeding mum.

Now, my husband is infected too. This worried me so much because fever will trigger his asthmatic.(Oh, can I cry now?) Wish us to get well soon. Ramadhan Kareem. Salam Nuzul Quran everyone!


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