My sunshine (^-^)  

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As my little sunshine kicks around and bounces in my womb, I cannot stop wondering what my sunshine will be like. No matter what happens, one thing for sure, mama and papa will love you unconditionally and last till Jannah.

My sunshine,

I always think how funny
When I first felt you moved,
only a little,
Like butterflies were fluttering
In my tummy,
Right after I sipped a cup of hot Milo.

My sunshine,

As time passed by,
you really began to grow,
It was rather slow,
yet, it felt like a second
Though without papa by our side,
You remained strong and calm,
Telling me not to lose strength,
That we would go ups and downs together,
Papa wanted us to be strong
Despite the fact that papa was not there with us,
We did it
We made papa proud

My sunshine,

People would ask me,
if, you were a boy or a girl.
I would smile and guess,
I just can’t wait
To welcome you

My sunshine,

There are millions of things,
I really eager to know.
But, you are hidden inside,
so the answers lies with you.

How much will you weigh?
Will you have wavy hair like your papa?
how tall will you be?
Are you as sensitive as your papa?
what color is your skin?

My sunshine,

I hope and pray,
you feel like the happiest child
To have papa and I

My sunshine,

Papa and I,
planned you from the very beginning.
You, my dear sunshine,
were made straight from our hearts.
You are the product,
of your papa's love and mine.

There will be no one like you,
not any place in the world.
It really doesn't matter,
if you are a boy or a girl.
The gender doesn't matter.
We are both so contented,
that you even exist,
And fated to be our bundle of joy

My sunshine,

I hope papa and I make you happy,
that we are your parents every day.
Because, you have filled our dreams,
in more ways, than words can say.

My sunshine,

The time is near,
I can feel the anticipation growing,
I know I'm going to shed tears .

Don't worry my sunshine,
those tears will be of bliss.

January 2011


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