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Maternity jeans
Oh My God! The top of my uterus has risen above my belly button and is now about the size of a soccer ball. Can you imagine my recent look now? Please don`t! I managed not to draw out my money for saving purpose which I call `Dana kecemasan` though I really need some maternity clothes, at least one or two are enough, I don`t mind wearing the same clothes every day by recycling it. Fortunately, my dear Hubby was like forcing me `ambiklah sayang, ambiklah sayang`. It really triggered my strong desire to have them. My hubby managed to buy me two pants and two maternity dresses for outings. Oh, I miss wearing jeans; it seems like ages since my hips getting bigger. I only wanted a pair of jeans, he said take two, I told him `No no no, satu cukup!`, Alah! I will only wear it for three months more, not for a long term, unnecessary.

I bought this dress.
We should tighten our purse-strings since we just about to begin a new life, we are parents-to-be who just start working somewhere in Selangor where everything seems to be pricey, and surely money is the issue. Still, we decided to go shopping, get some baby and maternity essentials which maybe hardly found in Malaysia such as;

Baby kimono wrap

There was a kakak who delivered her baby here in Japan once said to me that `baju baby kat japan bagus la, akak tak tahulah baju ni ade kat Malaysia ke tak, tapi memang tak jumpe kat Malaysia dulu, senang nak pakai utk baby`

I think she meant this one, baby kimono wrap because it`s snapless, zipperless and buttonless that is easy and fast, you can just closes it with easy inner and outer ties without shoving baby`s head over the neck, just need to open at the bottom to provide easy access for diaper changes and allows skin to skin contact during feeding. It makes a perfect going home from hospital outfit or shower baby gift.

Baby bath hanger produced by Combi

It`s just a piece of cloth that you hang at the tub by clipping it over both side of the tub to avoid the baby from slipping over from your hands while bathing him/her, mainly for the safety of the baby. I had never seen this anywhere, not even in the online shopping website, there was only one left at the shop so we grabbed it!

Smartypants reusable cloth Diapers.

Modern diapers
Reusable inner for modern diapers
I know this smart diaper has been existed in Malaysia, you can buy them through online yet I was so attracted to spot them here, I could not wait. I bought its washable inner as well which is also reusable nevertheless, the disposable ones are affordable. I think it can save our money as we don`t have to spend our money much on buying disposable diapers soon. Simple. Smart. Green. By using this, I believe, we will keep more money in our wallet, have less of an impact on the planet, and keep our baby dry and comfortable. Ceewah! do I sound like a promoter?(^^,)

Maternity girdle and support belt

maternity girdle

Support belt
As my belly turns into a size of soccer ball, I was yearning for maternity girdle to have a normal walking, some told me that the way I am walking is awkward and ugly like a waddling duck! Perhaps maternity girdle or support belt will treat this kind of condition. To those pregger, if you find your belly is dropping or hanging down that may disturb your movement, try to wear this, it helps me, and it may help you too. I bought two in one set, a maternity girdle including support belt. At morning, I wear both while at night, I only wear girdle to give some space while sleeping.

Above are the essentials that I feel practical and rare to be found in Malaysia or maybe I just do not notice, I am so ignorant now plus I don`t have time to go for window shopping. Oh, we wanted to buy a bumbo chair, a baby multifunction stroller and a baby sling but our cash had already ran out mcm air, we need to save some for our survival.

Baby sling
Bumbo chair
Multifunction stroller

Brest pump. I want this so much, I plan to do a full breastfeeding for the first sixth months of my baby without mixing up with formula milk.
For the past few months of pregnancy,  I am about 24 weeks turn into 25 weeks, it means I am about 6 months of pregnancy, how time flies! I gained weight drastically, many parts are getting chubbier, everyone notices that. I feel weird, require much time to adjust with my new appearance. My soccer ball keeps pressing my below part. Now I know why some preggers told me that they need to go to toilet every minute and wet their pants at times.


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salam.. mana ye nk dapat Maternity girdle and support belt tu... try looking around tapi takde yg bertali atas perut tu..


April 27, 2011 at 9:15 PM

Sorry sangat..saya dah balas beberapa kali tapi tak terpapar pada laman comment ni..maternity girdle tu, I beli mase I kat Japan, taktau di Malaysia ada atau tidak.. ;)

August 24, 2011 at 7:31 PM

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