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As I realize I have a few followers of my blog, I have no heart to stop blogging because I really appreciate those who read my blog as it portrays their concern towards me, I know you care, I haven’t a clue  to say thanks to my loyal silent readers out there but all I know, I won’t stop blogging because of you ;). Do I make you feel special my dear readers? Ah-Ha. (^___^)

Okay, I was at full speed for the last two weeks, however, I am so weak owing to pregnancy symptoms that I guess most mama-to-be will face it, why should I feel like I am the only one who suffer from the worst pain ever. I tell you, when you get extremely sick, at times, you have a tendency to forget that there’s someone are worst than you, Nauzubillah. I wish the pain will never impede my movements of doing anything I always do, hey, I was wrong, it really has effects on my daily routines that I force myself to be strong days by days.

I just moved into a new kampung house which was wooden-made with straight lines of wire on the top of walls under the roof that give a way to natural air of kampung. It is impeccably hot at noon and quite chill at nights. We received a text from the owner of the house who had promised to rent a room for us saying that they cannot rent the house, we were frustrated but we knew there must be a solution. By god will, the owner of the house in which I temporarily stayed previously searched for another house for us and finally, we found a kampung house that the condition may not be too good but I think it is good enough for me. It’s a real kampung house and I have to climb up and down the stairs to go to toilet and kitchen. As I have to go to toilet for defecating for several times which was around 1 till 3 a.m in the dark, I get so fatigue till I cry because it feels so painful at my back. No fans in the ceiling so we use portable fan to keep environment less hot in a room which shared with three. It’s only 100 per month per person. At night, big black bugs, with a horn on its head will fly high around my head, mosquitoes bite on the surface of my exposed skin even though we use electrical mosquitoes repellent every night. I know my parents will feel a bit sad looking at my new house that I don’t feel good to show them how my new house looks like. Lately, most of the nights, I run out of steam even to pick up my mobile phone to converse with my hubby, by 9.00 pm, I have to say good night. When I told my hubby about how bad I feel because I really need someone to express my feelings especially when I have my heart in my boots, yes, I desperately need someone who really care about me. He managed to give me some touching words, 

Abg mintak maaf sbb takde kat sisi sayang, I know it’s hard for you but u have to be strong..utk syg, baby dan abg..bia baby tau yg mama kuat umpama siti hajar dan ismail di padang pasir, umpama maryam dan tahzan ..gudnite..i luv u so much.. 
By coincidence, I watched Jejak Rasul broadcasting a history of Maryam and Siti Hajar entitled Srikandi. I almost cried, I felt bad, baru sedikit Dia beri padaku, sudah mahu jatuh! Sila Berjiwa Kental lah Ani.

I miss my hubby’s sambal ikan bilis and chicken soup, I miss the time when he comes back home from lab, he will buy some packets of chocolates, boxes of milk and bread for me that I will give him a tight big hug, I miss his kisses, I miss everything about him. I don’t know how long we will not going to meet, most probably till December, I am not sure.

Last week, I paid my duty to manage sukan dalam at dewan and being an MC at Hari Kemuncak Kokurikulum, it was the day I was wearing my songket, I’ve been waiting to wear it at exact time. Ah-Ha. After the event ended, most of male teachers gave two thumbs-up to me, said congratulation and told me that I did a good job. Being a new teacher, I thanked God that I did not reject the responsibility given and took it positively, a burden of my own choice is not felt.

Out of topic above, I would like to wish every muslim and muslimah world wide, 


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la yukallifullahhu nafsan illa wusa"ha..

Allah itu Maha Adil..ujian cuma datang untuk meningkatkan iman dan cuma pada yg mmpu menghadapinya..

1st trimester is a crucial period..stress free is impossible..but being very close to Allah is essential..

Salam Ramdhan =)

August 14, 2010 at 1:14 AM

Apos..tenks so much for such motivating words that I really2 need them at this moment..

doakan kami DR! ;) and please give me some advices on pregnancy if u don mind. Ade ilmu, sile2 lah salur di sini... ;)

August 19, 2010 at 6:36 PM

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