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“The school has once just about to shut down as only 18 teachers left with hundred students”
This was what said by school’s headmaster at my first day of school. That was how I knew why I got my posting here; it’s owing to the most common problem pertaining to school in Malaysia, a lack of teachers. What makes the school stay functioning till today is because the school has just taken over by kementerian and kementerian provides teachers to the school, new teachers are under kementerian but some of teachers are under JAIS. I asked one of my form four students about the last year PMR result, they told me 6 A’s was the highest, and about half of them chose to go to technical school instead of staying here, now you can imagine the level of proficiency of remaining students. This school is not like my former Maahad Kajang school as I had expected when I first entered the school. 

Yesterday, I got a meeting with Ketua Panitia KH as I have to teach Pertanian for Kemahiran hidup, there’s not even one teacher has KH option, it’s surprising to know that the ketua panitia of KH is an Ustaz who teaches Bahasa Arab Tinggi. The school has been observed by Lembaga Peperiksaan because there’s only one option for KH which is Pertanian, as a matter of fact, school must have at least TWO options for Kemahiran Hidup such as ERT (Ekonomi Rumah Tangga), Perdagangan, Pertanian, or KMT. KH teachers’ community are now working hard to add one more option, the school decided to choose perdagangan as another option since there is a perdagangan subject offered for form four and form five. The continuation is a real school concern in choosing the most suitable option for KH.

They informed me that I have to be ready to account for a post as Ketua Panitia KH and I was like what?? They tell me that Ketua Panitia has to deal with Jabatan perikanan if they want to buy some fishes for students’ project, and manage RM11 000 for the projects, and lists goes in! I know, being a Ketua Panitia for KH subject will force me to have an axe to grind with so many people. Knowing that the school has been bombarded by Higher community because of many problems regarding subject KHB, they hint me that I must get ready, this is so scary.During the meeting, out of blue, I broke the silence,

“I have never been exposed to petanian, Should I do some demonstration to the students on how to do this and that, what happens if the catfish jumps out from the pond? What should I do?”

Oh, everyone heard my voice clearly, and yes, I came up with this silly question that made them laugh  like a drain! One of them calm me down by saying that I was like him long time ago, he’s a Mathematics teacher but now he’s fully teaching KH and convinced me we are going to work arm in arm. Above board, I am not at home in everything affiliated with agriculture; I was trained specifically to be an English educator at secondary and tertiary level, I am only adept at teaching English and literature. Pertanian has to do with compost, planting herbs trees, playing with worms and soil, breeding fishes, guide students to do their carpentry, hey, I have to study from a scratch, it’s totally like cheese and chalk from my real option. I try so hard to take it positively; to accept it with both hands, and doing both were so challenging, it’s like an acid test of my strength in career development. Alhamdulillah, so far, I am doing fine though deep down, I am extremely worried. Apart from that, KH project for form 1 and form 2 must be evaluated and kept in file at full blast as marks contribute to the grade in PMR. The problem will arise if form 1 and form 2 projects are on the blink as grade cannot be given and collected. The problem is that, I teach three classes of form 2 students and all classes have not done their project yet, now it is almost the end of year. I have to bring them to Bengkel during two periods and there’s only one bengkel that only fits 15 students, each class has about 30 students, do you think it’s easy to control lots of kids in the bengkel while each of their hands holding a hammer, nails, and toying them with their friends? Their safety is at the hands of me! I tell myself to be strict, autocratic kind of teacher though my nature is the other way around; it’s hard, you can ask my little brothers and sister, they will tell you how lenient I am.

I just received papers to be marked and I will have to take in charge for Sukan Dalaman next week. You see, I am on the go all along.

This morning, I bought “Dip n Tell”, I did HCG test, and I am.....

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. (^_^)

I am at my best to be like all honey and no sting though I am actually on tenterhooks. 

Can you please please pray for me.


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salam ani..tahniah!!!
slmt jadi ketua panitia
slmt jdi IBUUUUUUU...

July 30, 2010 at 9:46 PM

Oh..Time kaseh majed, cuak utk mcm2, doakan ani, ani doakan utk majed jugak! heh ;)..posting nnti gtau dpt mane k...

July 30, 2010 at 10:09 PM

ani...frist n foremost, congrate for getting pregnant...maybe this is the blessing in disguise...i also face the same problem...but at least mine is a lot less scary...but still, i pity the students who i think suffer the most...just imagine if we come teaching st that we are not even familiar with, how would that be as convincing n at the end of the day i came out feeling upset not becos the extra work we are loaded with....(like me i have to study History form 1 2 n 4 plus sivik plus bi n waht not)...but mainly becos i begin to feel that some seniors are just like big bullies...they boss us around as they wish...give us st adhoc (plus give us wrong info which consequently affect our schedule) when we really have st much more important errand to attend to(like joining sis to convo)
i always whine n grumble to myself, trying to keep it to myself n wont let that be a stumbling block...but as a normal human being, i cant help but thinking, can i even put up with ths...the reality is by far so far from what we envisaged...

July 31, 2010 at 12:18 AM

Lokman, OMG,when it comes to writing, u r d best to produce the longest ever, even if it shud be a simple comment, izzit?hehe.. To recall u is so easy- the one who always needs for xtraaaa paper during exam.. heh ;B, oh tenkiuw for congratu...lating me and plz plz dear, pray that everything will go juz fine, I am just too anxious n excited at d same time, I just dunno how to describe my feeling plus, lots2 of things happened lately, N I was like..oh God, can I keep up with constant changes that seemed to come in bulk, if u kno wut i mean here , u kno, I always being d slowest n "Blurrest" one! Sivik may be alot better as compared to history la, history is never been as easy as ABC for me bcoz it requires u to memorize, Thank God I don get History..what else to do lokman, that's life of being a tcher n we r not sitting up there to point our fingers on people down here, dat is how I feel at dis moment, feel so so little but Hey, life goes on, at d end of d day, everyone will reach the finishing line...stay strong lokman, if u can survive on six years of journey back then, u can do it now.. ;) When I say dis, i try to motivate myself as well..

July 31, 2010 at 6:29 AM

ooo my boys will have a cousin next year...kalau a boy they will be so happy if a girl i am not to sure about that...but definitely i will be happy...hehe...what a blessing!

fahmi if your are reading this...come on study hard..cepat2 habiskan study and cari keje...u are going to be a father!...all the best..we pray only the best for both of you...

July 31, 2010 at 11:16 PM

congrats! =)

August 1, 2010 at 8:10 PM
Kawaii Syahira  

congrats.. sy salu follow blog akak.. actually sy ex-SMKTD..besh nyer ader baby...

August 3, 2010 at 9:33 PM

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