Can I call this frantic? No? Oh, okay!  

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I don't think we realise just how fast we go until you stop for a minute and realise just how loud and how hectic your life is, and how easily distracted you can get. -Meg Ryan-
Going through hard times is something I should expect and get ready; I must keep my weather-eye open. Recently....

On Friday, my friends and I travelled around Pekan Sg Besar just to get a lawyer’s signature for surat Akaun Sumpah. Some teachers drew a map for me so that I would not lose my way in the small cowboy town. We reached the office of Pesuruhjaya sumpah easily; unfortunately, the lawyer took a holiday so we have to find another lawyer. Coincidently, we stumbled on a signboard which written Magistrate court at the side of  the main junction in Pekan Sg. Besar, then, we just followed the signboard till we passed by Pusat kesihatan, Pejabat Daerah, that was how I realized that all the government buildings congregated at one place. We stranded in the traffic jam and lost our way that we could not make U-turn because it’s one-way road, soon after we got into the magistrate office, the people in the counter told us that signing surat akuan sumpah will only available on Tuesday and Thursday. What a day! We were a bit disappointed and tired as the Pekan is situated about 25 minutes from our school and we right away went to Pekan after we finished our school without taking a rest. Perhaps, it is fated that it was the day of getting familiar with the place we are living in. We got home tiredly and planned to go to Magistrate again today. 

Last week, we looking for a rent house in the region of Sabak Bernam, the first house we surveyed was so terrible, lots of holes all over the wooden wall with rusty zinc roof and dirty toilet which is worst then chicken coop, there’s no fan, just imagine how are we going to survive living there in scorching days.We rejected this house, then, I rounded at a number of residential areas in pekan at low speed, there’s house that looks quite fine, and it’s in good condition with the rent of RM350 per month, the cheapest price we got after drove a hard bargain. Most of the dwellers in the house area are Indians and got many wild dogs wandering about, my friends are so afraid of dogs, plus, it takes 25 about minutes from a school, if one of us wakes up late in the morning,  we will arrive school a bit late, we made it a clear reason to reject this one. We finally found a house with seven rooms in second floor, the owner of the house lives in the ground floor, and one room is rented with the price RM120 per month including the bills. The house seemed comfortable; it takes only five minutes from our school so we decided to rent this house. However, we can only start moving into this house at the early of fasting month. I am becoming bashful to stay in the recent house any longer, there is a mentally handicapped girl stays together with us, she’s lovely, keeps smiling every second, and she has a very low IQ that she is not able to think like normal at times. There’s also a man who has the same problem like that girl, both are close to each other, he likes to shake hands with me but I could not resist it as I am too afraid if he becomes angry and do something bad towards me, my friends told me that he always mentions my name though I never tell him my name. Haha. That is so cute yet scary!

I am a driver of 3 good friends, they agree to pay RM 15 every month, we are now best friends as we will get through everything together which lessens my wretchedness of being miles away from my hubby.

I missed my period and it’s been almost two weeks late, still got a menstrual pain symptom anyway. I am waiting for my July’s menses but it’s already the end of July month, weird. I don’t want to think much about it but I can feel that my body system goes wrong, is it because I am stressed or something has grown in my womb. Woops! Please do not make any assumption yet, all right? Have to do a check-up if I miss next month period. I am in a bundle of nerves.


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