Hectic days (-_-')  

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A continual atmosphere of hectic passion is very trying if you haven't got any of your own.
Dorothy L. Sayers
Recently, when I was extremely worn-out right after arriving school with cram-full of bags and luggage piled up disorderly in my car, a scorching climate during journey to Sabak Bernam, no abode to hang about temporarily, I was really in a very hard situation, in all of sudden JPS telephoned me. They asked me to instantly go back to JPS situated in Shah Alam which is far away. As it has passed 12.00 noon, plus I really dead beat, I said, I am sorry that I could not make it because it is possible to reach Shah Alam within office hour. The clerk said I must still go, I pissed off but I tried so hard to not utter harsh words or raise my voice, I forced her to be considerate towards my situation. She held on the phone for awhile to ask her boss permission, and then she told me that there’s nothing she could do as the boss still wanted me to come there right at that moment, as soon as possible. She passed his boss’ phone number so that I could deal with him by myself. When I called him, spoke as soft as I ever did, he instantly got round the bend that he raised his voice, telling me that I must come and with half-screaming he said “Kenapa tak tengok betul-betul!”.

I told him that I really could not make it and told him my problems of having no home, just arrived there, it was possible that I could not reach JPS within office hour, if he permits, I will come by tomorrow. Fortunately, the school gave me one day holiday to deal with the problem.

It was my fault that I did not sign the survey paper, but my name, IC number, the name of school and everything was completed, I tell you the truth, the form looked not that important, It’s about rating the speech of every slot during taklimat, just a piece of photocopy paper with blurring words. It is just a survey that my parents said it is not important that it will never have an effect on any imperative affairs; even the clerk can just sign it for me. My mother asked me for his phone number to deal with him, but I gave a polite rebuff to her intention because I am afraid if my parents get involved, it will make things worse, small matter should not be a big deal, I want to confront my own problem as long as I can.

On the way to Shah Alam, I dropped by Kuala Selangor to get a receipt of KWSP slip, Oh, nobody was there, so only a few minutes spent at there.

Yesterday night, I burnt the midnight oil to prepare a test paper for form four till I had no time to have a conversation with my hubby, Hey, we will not going to meet up for a couple of months till the end of this year, the feeling of sinful struck me, Thank god; he’s always being an understanding husband! That was only one of millions sacrifices we have made. We always try our best to stay strong no matter what happens.

Now, I am still hunting for a rent house, for the time being, a generous kind of old spouses who live with their son who’s suffering of mental illness but never disturbs anyone by keeping with himself to himself all the time willing to let me stay in their house till I found a permanent one.

I just received my buku rekod pengajaran and the PK1 wanted me to teach Kemahiran hidup, modul Pertanian! Oh my god, I never expect to teach this alien subject. I also have to teach English, 3 classes of form four students, that’s my real option so I wish I only have to teach English subject but well, it is very common to teach subject that is not related to your option at all if there’s no teachers for any particular subject.

Next week, I’ll get a timetable and will be start teaching. I have to go back home this weekend to take important documents needed.

What a hectic days!


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whoaa, not a good start for the 1st week of school! and i hate it that they would compel you to teach other subjects altho they say it's an obligation! i'm still teaching 100% English mind you but hearing those kind of things happened to my friends just pissed me off on behalf of them, hehe :p

for me, the 1st month is the hardest because that's when you start thinking -ve thoughts, you start regretting things, the bitterness come back, crying until you sleep and it's like as if all the knowledge you learnt has gone and you're left wondering what did you learnt all those looong 6 years and the list goes on and there's nothing anyone can do to make it feel better...reallyy...i been there, i done that...

so the only thing i can say is, PRAY HARD & PRAY WELL...because by turning to Allah, you're asking for enlightenment, for patience, for peace within yourself, for everything else that no one else can give you and then, at the end of the day, somehow you will make it through, InsyaAllah ;)

anyway, how long is your house from your school? ya know, i used to envisioned getting sabak bernam if i get selangor because everyone says so since sabak bernam is the most hulu-est, hehe, and now you got it, huhu :p

July 22, 2010 at 3:02 AM

ani tha officer GILA KUASA..such a stupid request for such a pathetic reason...if I was in ur place mmg hangin...as usual I will pass the phone to my other half and let him deal with an arrogant man like that...but if in ur situation like you I will try to ignore and settle it in a realistic way...biasalah ani bila dah keje mmg macam2 manusia pelik... especially in the gov. sector suka buat polisi dan keje yang menyusahkan walaupun benda tu tak penting...most of the time accept and just do it bukan apa takut effect penilaian prestasi kerja once in a while say ur stand and ur thought...supaya kita tak dibuli sesuka hati..

KH petanian..HAHA...sgt lawak rasanya ani pun tak pernah tunjuk minat pasal pertanian...kalau mak yang kena ajar KH pertanian lagi sesuai rasanya...haha...this part funny...opss jangan mara ye...

July 24, 2010 at 9:56 PM
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July 26, 2010 at 11:29 PM

Kak maddy, oh, I know, being the most junior in schools forces me to abide by any instructions given to me, well, I tried to think positive, maybe, teaching KH pertanian will give me some knowledge about how to do gardening as I have to study the subject first before I teach my students, that may be useful later on. But, mm, actually,it's hard for me to accept the fact that I have to teach KH pertanian, but what else to do?

True, the first month is the hardest but I do not really want to think much about it, I try to make myself busy with something I love, that's an effective medicine so far.

Sabak bernam from my house about 2 and half hours. Yes, Sabak Bernam is the hulu-est in Selangor, I tell you, there's no such a place so-called Rural as compared to other states, well, Selangor is the richest state in Malaysia, don't waorry if u already get selangor. That's what my Kelantanese friend said.

Betul. I heard about this issue so many times but I never bother about this matter until I faced it. I just cannot accept the way they treat people, some are so rude.

Haha!! tau takpe..mama pon gelak gile time ani bgtahu ani kena ajar KH pertanian.Blur je mase kena suruh.Hish.

July 27, 2010 at 3:07 AM

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