I am back and I am going to present my service to school  

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I was safely arrived Malaysia on last Wednesday but I have been so busy spending quality times with my family. I have two families, yes, two dads and two mommies and my husband is not here so I have to find times being with them on behalf of him, that’s all I can do as he is not able to look after their parents, I know, his parents miss him so much, he’s an apple of their eyes, the only son they have and I am the only daughter-in-law. As usual, they show their appreciation every time I visit them. Today, I got kain ela from my mother-in-law. 

Oh, I always get expensive and beautiful cloth for baju kurung from my loved ones, as a result, I refuse to buy any. 

I am suffering from backache due to heavy backpack and also for long hours on a plane from Kansai to KL and transited to Kota Kinabalu. I took a rest for the whole day on Thursday. On Friday, I went to JPS to get to know when and where I would be posted. Knowing I got Sabak Bernam and I have never been there, therefore, my parents brought me there on Saturday to have a quick survey. On Sunday, we had a great time of cooking and eating together. My times were actually filled with unplanned goings-on.

Today, I went through a Taklimat which is compulsory for new teachers in JPS from 8.00 to almost 2.00 pm. Tired of listening and sitting but the breakfast made my day, free nasi lemak, it was a brunch anyway. There were about 170 graduated teachers have been posted to Selangor, quite a lot but still not cater enough for the need of teachers in all schools in Selangor, 150 got Sekolah Harian, if I am not mistaken, 10 got Pendidikan Khas and 7 got Sekolah Agama, I am not sure whether Sekolah agama or pendidikan khas has got 10 or 7 teachers. I am in minority group, I don't mind by the way.

My first posting is SMA Parit Baru, Sabak Bernam, about 2 hours from Klang if you drive not more than 80 kmph, the road  has no toll, I'll become thriftier later on! I got new same-age-friends, Selangorians, two TESLian from the same programme like mine and one Physic teacher. They are all single, that makes me feel a bit old being a married lady among them. One thing I like the most about Taklimat was to know how much I will get for my monthly salary. Tell me, who doesn’t like it! Nevertheless, I will not open my mouth too wide if I feel I am not qualified for high pay. Great oaks from little acorns grow, yes; big things often have humble beginnings.

Tomorrow, I am going to register to school as asked by its headmaster as we finished taklimat a bit late and school finishes on 2.00 pm. Based on taklimat, first things first, we have to register by right today, however, the headmaster has been so considerate that he opened the floodgates to us to appear tomorrow. I think Taklimat should be open-and-shut case. Oh, Am I too demanding? Sorry.

I have mixed feelings about tomorrow. 

Wish me luck. 


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