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Last weekend, I and along with the families who live in Okayama went on two days trip at Kaienbou, a very nice place not far from Tottori, Japan. It took 3 hours from my humble house in Okayama. Before the trip, a meeting was held for the division of tasks for each involved so that the orderly planning for the activities ran smoothly. My jobs were easy, I was put charge of buying fruits and frying anchovies for Sunday breakfast as we were going to have Nasi Lemak. This was the first time I was involved in holiday activities with other families. The experience was precious because I learned how to handle a trip involving many peoples, it is not easy when it comes to managing people. Certainly interesting! 

                                                                At the Cabin of Keinbou

We gathered at one of convenience stores called "Diyo” before departing, “Diyo” is the most familiar market among us to buy any daily necessities. After ensuring that everyone was already there and ready, with bells on, we shove off and traveled in convoy. After two hours of driving, we arrived at the edge of the mountains to have a picnic and dine for lunch. 


Afterward, we went ahead with the next plan, to go to the final destination. We feasted our eyes on the beautiful spacious ocean along the way before reaching the cabin. The cabin was ideal for those who prefer a quiet holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Such a nice place where you can find harmony with yourselves and nature, crystal-clear sea in front of the cabins and a generous sun which gives a beauty and health, I would say that this a real paradise for lovers of serene and quite nature. The cabin was comfortable enough for us as there was a little kitchette area with a fridge, microwave and rice cooker. At second floor, the was a hall for sleeping. The house was wooden-made, clean, big and everything was in good condition, there was also a big screen TV with two microphones for karaoke. At night, we had a whale of a time at BBQ. Grilled chickens; meat and seafood were dished up, the foods were delectably delicious!
                                                     Before having Jacuzzi Hot tubs
         Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

The happiest and the most romantic moment was when my husband and I got to beat the chill on the midnight by soaking in Jacuzzi bath tub, stretched ourselves out in the whirlpool foam and bubbles with our head landed on the edge; we were roofed with night sky while facing the ocean. Jacuzzi bath tub rejuvenated our sore muscles and joints after a long day of play and got to spend the quality time together made us feel healthier, as fresh as daisy and more relaxed. 

At the morning, I suffered from menstrual pain that I could handle it pretty well at first. It did not reduce my appetite to gobble up Nasi Lemak. On the way back home, we dropped by Sand Dune, the centre of attraction in Tottori. As I have visited the place before, I managed to take a rest as my first day of period means that the pain could take a turn for the worse. A few hours later, I could not stand the pain so I  forced myself to swallow two painkillers. It did not work at all! Alhamdulillah, now, I am up and about again (^^;).

                                                                      Sand Dune, Tottori.

We had the times of our lives during the trip! We had a ball! Thanks everyone who involved in the trip! ( ^^,). Ukhwah Fillah Abadan Abada.

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