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29th April 2010
I did the very last paper on this day! I crossed the last paper off in the examination schedule which  neatly pasted on the wall beside my desk. I used to do it every time I finished my paper, it was such a huge relief! I was over the moon because it told me that six years of journey was over. I can thank my lucky stars as I never imagine I would complete the six years on the dot. I thought I would back down. During six years of journey in reaching the top, the thought I would stop climbing halfway always kept disturbing me. I always short of breath, I always fell down flat on my face, I always got injured and bleeding deep inside. I love seeking the priceless knowledge as I believe knowledge in youth is wisdom in age but whatever I do, it requires challenge, and the challenge of surviving in the environment which did not seem to welcome me was arduously tough. At times, I just could not get on with it yet, I tried my best to get a grip of myself and yes! I DID IT! Alhamdulillah. It is always darkest before the dawn.

3rd May 2010
My batch held a Farewell dinner. We dined together one last time at the elegant Laguna Hotel resort near swimming pool with only few lecturers joined us. The dinner went with a swing. Toasts were made, some good-byes were said, and accolades for the session were given. The foods served were varieties and appetizing, I went back with full stomach that long for 1 day. I felt happy and sad, happy because I was too excited to embark on new chapter of my life; it felt like going out from a small cocoon, and fly ahead to next destination. Six years taught me what friends are, how to adjust with different kinds of manners and mentality. I never meet friends out of Selangor and KL, that was my first time, and I would say every state has something that made everyone differs especially in term of accent like Kedah and Kelantan. It takes all sorts to make a world, language is something unique indeed. I cried during the last minutes when the dinner was about to end because my mind just kept reminiscing rolls of memories, sweet and bitter, it was all gone, remained in heart though. Six years created a new me, it changed me a lot. Every beginning has ending. Though it’s hard to say good bye but we have to when the time comes.

6th may 2010
After long hours of flying into the blue whitish sky, I safely landed in Kansai airport, Japan. This time, my hubby fetched me by bus and commuter. Public transport here is very punctual, when it said 8.30, it will shove off at exactly 8.30 sharp on time. It’s good because you can plan your journey without worrying of being late. I could not forget when a policeman approached me and asked me a few questions; this occurred to me two times and I already get used with this kind of situation. It was something very common if you are a foreigner in a place where your face can tell that you are not local, moreover, when you have a veil covering all over your head in the country which consists of mostly non-Muslims. He asked my hubby’s phone number then, he called him right at that moment, I had no clue what was his actual intention, maybe he wanted to make sure that I was there legally or was it true I have any connection with anyone who lives in Japan, and who was that person. Oh please~~. As expected, my hubby answered the call,

Hubby: Moshi moshi....
Me     : Abang, haha, ni sayang ni....
Hubby: eh! Sayang, haha! camne syg kol ni?
Me     : Polis ni haa, die dok soh kol bang, syg pon kol je la, ish! bile abg nak sampai?haha.

The policeman was staring at me, he did not turned a hair, through his face, I could interpret that he did not understand what I was speaking about, plus, I was using his HP. It was funny. Then he went away. Left me alone until my hubby arrived, locked me to his chest and kissed me on the cheek. The feeling of seeing your other half after a long separation was so sweet, the feeling is different when you always being near, that is the only advantage of long-distance relationship, oh, I mean married couple, undeniably that “Absence make the heart grow fonder”. It is freaking cold when I first reached Japan, then, transformed into impeccably hot, July summer days, I got heat rashes at my back. My skin is very sensitive to extreme weather no matter it is cold or hot, my skin will give quick reactions. 

20th may 2010
Guess what was so special about this date? Hey! It was my birthday! I received so many birthday wishes but no presents. My hubby asked me what did I wish for my birthday present, being a contented wife, I told him I wanted nothing. Nevertheless, my hubby made a special dinner for me, he cooked by himself and said “Honey, I am sorry I could not afford to give you anything special so I cook for you”. Oh, sweet~~ . Even if he forgot my birthday, I don’t mind. (^^;)

Early June, 2010
My final result was released. When I checked my final result of the whole semesters, I almost shed tears! It’s just too good to be true. Honestly, I don’t really deserve it. I feel sorry to myself.

10th June 2010

I’d changed my visa so that I can easily get passed Japan as long as my hubby is still here. It happened to be unplanned, while waiting for my hubby to fetch me, I flipped over my passport and surprisingly, I saw it was clearly stated 15 days  duration of staying. I wanted to stay here longer, so do my husband and we thought that there might me other way out to prolong my stay. We went to Embassy a few days afterward, they refused to change the duration of staying to be longer unless for valid reasons. So we asked to change the visa from Temporary visitor as dependent visitor, meaning that I’ll be under my hubby custody. The process was real complicated that I had to ask my dad to post my wedding certificate. Then, we had to translate it into Japanese language. My hubby needed to show the letter from JPA and a few forms to be filled in. We prayed hard that I would be allowed to stay longer and the process was successful. I already got the card with one year permission to enter Japan. Alhamdulillah (^^,)

Tonight, I'll be sleeping all alone because my hubby has to go to Tokyo for a second interview as he got through the first interview successfully and if he gets the offer, he will have to work at the Company situated in High Tech ,Kulim. If  he has any other better offer, he will reject it. It is too soon to decide now, see what will happen next year, he seems interested to further study, I don't know. In Sura At-Talaq, ayat 2-3, it is also called as ayat 1000 dinar convinces me that nothing to be worried about if you trust THE ALMIGHTY ONE,

He that fears Allah may be provided a way out by Him,and given sustenance from the sources he could never imagine: for Allah is all sufficient for the person who puts his trust in Him. Surely Allah brings about what He pleases, and Allah has set a measure for all things.

Let's practice it every Salat Fardhu, May we are among those whom  Allah have favored; not of those who have earned HIS wrath, or of those who have lost The Way.Ameen~ .

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ani will you be in japan until fahmi finish his studies?
do you already know about ur posting?

June 20, 2010 at 6:35 PM

tak kot ufa..ani balik keje kot sbb ade kontrak kan unless kalu tak dpt posting which is possible... ani ade kol bhgn penempatan, ani dpt SMKA macam maahad tuh tp taktau negeri or sek mane lagi..ntah laa..doa2 laa..nervous tp syuko sbb sekolah agame, at least bdak tak seteruk SMK, mintak2 la kan..

June 23, 2010 at 5:03 AM

hahahaa..dak SMK truk ke ani..kite truk ek dlu..kekekeke....da dpt posting ktne gtau ek..

June 29, 2010 at 8:11 PM

inaz..SMK scr general la syg oi, bkn SMK Telok Datok,sekola tu bdak baek2 cam kite2 neey,Amin~~hehe..akn tau gak nnti, pasti!

July 1, 2010 at 8:55 AM

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