Eidul Adha  

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One day left before I’m off to Japan again, to spend the quality time together with my hubby, and I may possibly forget about blogging for a while. Sorry to say I may be ignoring my blog though I am really sure my blog doesn’t have readers, but I don’t mind, I am writing because I like it, it’s kind of therapy for me that makes my days better as I have something to channel my ideas, thoughts, feelings and etc instead of burdening my mind with lots of things that would only drive me insane!

Eidul Adha has just passed by. This year, Eidul Adha was a blessed for me! It’s an ideal time for family gathering as all of my family members got holiday thus able to go back to hometown. I met all of my siblings and we loitered at the back of our bungalow, with a spectacular scene of coconut trees all around, chatting until dawn without a full stop with an array of topics that continuously exchanged from one another, from education to politic, from politic to psychology, from physchology to economics, then culture to business and so on. With so many foods served on the dining table, there was no space to add more cuisine. The table was already occupied with cheese cake (Ulfa, you forgot to give me the recipe you’d promised me), meat soup, rendang, Chocolate cake, fruit-jelly, spaghetti and many more, the food were ready to be gobbled up. We really enjoyed putting on more weight. We just could not resist them! Seventh heaven! It’s such a waste to let the food untouched, isn’t? Okay. I should stop talking about food or my hubby will become green-eyed monster while reading this. He’s starving and hibernating under the blanket there, eating the same dishes for three days in a row. That’s why I cannot stop myself from devouring everything I want before I board the plane to Japan. There will be a shortage of Malaysian and Halal food!

I have to meet my parents-in-law tomorrow to reconfirm about my leave-taking on Tuesday. I haven’t done backpacking yet! I need to jot down the list of stuff to be brought along so I won’t miss anything later on. I feel like wanting to take along the whole room, come on, girls are like that! Girls always have more things than boys. Men don’t need sanitary pad and bra! Girls normally change their undergarment at least twice a day, how about you men? How many times you change your boxer shorts in a day?Or in a week? :P It’s a time for researchers to carry out a survey pertaining to this issue; don’t you think it’s interesting? Woops, sorry (Don’t let your kids read this, censored!).

Okay,now,I have just received my hubby's SMS, he won't call me tonight because Arsenal is going to rule the field! Football and men, please don't separate them. Okay dear, enjoy watching the match, I won't bother you tonight :) wink wink. I know your eyes are sticking to the TV screen right now, and waiting to scream GOAL!!

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sekali arsenal kalah la..x jerit goal pom..hoho

November 29, 2009 at 8:30 PM

the recipe...this is the link http://www.exclusivelyfood.com.au/2006/07/double-chocolate-cheesecake-bars.html

the recipes in this site is good..do try other recipe you will not be disappointed...

kek pisang, choclate chip cookies (lagi sedap lepas beberapa hari, dia jadi rangup), chicken and pasta bake, pizza, choclate cake, mud choclate cake, vanilla cup cakes, muffin..semua tu ufa dah pernah buat dan memang sedap!

November 30, 2009 at 5:51 PM

Thanks ufa!! :) yay!

December 11, 2009 at 4:50 AM

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