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I can’t believe I am blogging now while my husband is sleeping like a baby here beside me, I am not feeling dozy at all, and I am as fresh as a daisy. I am over the moon with my life that I wish time flies by slowly so that I won’t be coming back home very quickly; I don’t want to be distant from my husband again. I won’t meet my husband for over six months next year, most probably, more than that. It’s hard for me. I bet married couple will definitely know how bad I feel. It sounds weird when husband and wife are not capable to get together in fact they should by norm of life. What's the point of getting married, isn't it? Bear in mind, married it's not only about living together. I am saying this to myself okay.

I arrived in Japan last week, it’s my second time being here but this time is different as I won’t be spending sum of cash for traveling like we did before because we’re running out of money. We’re not made of money, you know! How I wish I have money to burn. Somebody please stop me now, yell at me- Ani, I don’t want to hear grumble from you!

I am a full-time housewife now, execute a lot of experiments playing with a ladle and cooking pots and you know what, yes! It’s cooking!! My mum never forces me to get into the kitchen, nevertheless soon after I was called a wife, I realize a wife should discern why kitchen does matter to women. Every day, I let myself devote to kitchenette. Sometimes, we spend most of our quality time staying at home and having a stroll around Okayama to eye beautiful scenery you will never witness in Malaysia. It’s winter now, trees begin to lose its leaves before snowing.

We’d just received a letter, my husband got a part time job at nearby post office after went through an interview. Alhamdulillah, we really need more money for the time being. He will initiate doing his part-time job from 10 pm until 6 am by next week, it’s actually a temporary job which will be finished at the early of January. I am enduring with a mix feelings, I know he's happy with the job, I don't know what kinds of feelings inside, but it's clear that I cannot imagine myself lying in bed with an empty side next to mine during nighttime. For how long I should encounter with this situation, I don’t know. I raise this question to him for hundred times, he will still give me the same answer, perhaps it never changes,

"This is what we have to endure for the sake of our future, for the better, InsyaAllah"

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