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My teaching day should be started off today, but I was informed by supervisor last week that SMK Tunku Ismail would be having no schools on 19th and 20th so I can start reporting to principal on 21st, this Tuesday.

Recently, my practicum partner made a sudden decision to live outside of hostel by renting a house near to school. I was too shocked, my face turned to a sad look. I was wondering what made her doing so. The decision made at first caused a slight conflict inside of me as I thought she probably felt a bit uncomfortable to spend most of practicum times cooperating with me. I made a first move to have heart-to-heart talking. I told her how I wish we can set to our practicum in good beginning and this should not be happened. I begged her, please, make a wise decision. We ended up the reconciliation without bad feelings, yet tolerate with each decision. She may not need transportation as the distance of her rent-house is only 300m from the school. Apart from that, her parents suggested to stay near as she won’t be too rush to reach the school. She offered me to stay with her but my husband said NO because hostel is more secured plus, we want to save our budget after considering our cost of living in coming September. As a wife, I will never ignore my husband when it comes to decision-making. When any matters arise, he will always be the first person to refer because I believe, he is able to rationalize things by emphasizing pro and cons, the good thing is that he considers my ideas and opinion, though sometimes he seems dominant. At the end of the result, it will never disappoint me. He came out with relevant reasons that I could not reject.

First, my husband is really concern about my well-being so he wants me to be in safe environment which comprises with good facilities. Second, when I share the house with her, it means that I must also pay the rent of the house; in fact I have already paid hostel fees for a whole semester, Why should I pay more when I have another better option?.Third, I don’t have transportation problem as I have a car to go to and fro between college and school. My husband’s final say-“let her go with her parent’s decision and I go with his decision”.

I am now feeling so thankful for a big mercy God gave me. No words to describe how grateful I am the moment I knew I got a house. Yes! I got the house already. It situated not so far from college,perhaps not more than 8 minutes from college, maybe it only takes 5 minutes, (I don't really count), located in SP Heights. Not so many local people here realize the existence of SP Heights. I had seen it already!Thanks Madam Bebe for helping me to find a house, it might be possible without her assistance. Madam gave the number of the owner of the house who is her husband’s friend. The owner, husband and wife are both teaching upper secondary school, same field like me so we had got so many topics to be talked when we first met.

The house is actually their second house, besides that, never been rented by anyone, you see, I am going to be the first to rent. At first, it was freaking me out when he told me the house is so deadly quite though it is actually in a housing area. Not recommended for a person. He said it is okay if I have somebody else to live with. He agreed after knowing that I’ll be staying there with my husband. It came to my surprise to see the house was so damn comfortable with enough necessities like TV, fridge and bed. I was thrilled to bits to hear that there is a guard who always wander around every day to keep an eye on the safety of dwellers. The house looks quite large for two since it has three bedrooms. The payment is so cheap an account with the condition of the house, the cost is only RM200, but adding up to RM30 to foot the bill for all repairs so, the total is only RM230. Don’t you think it’s very cheap? My search for a rented house was over, I won’t looking for another house, even if there are cheaper than this one. Our budget is RM500 for one-month-rent, it’s good to know the budget is cutting down to RM200. What more can I say rather than Alhamdulillah :)

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