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"In the name of ALLAH , the most Gracious, the most Merciful"

Today is Monday and it is a public holiday here in Malaysia. How many of us really remember what day is it today? I bet everyone who reads my post today already know the special of 27th of Rejab 1430 Hijr. Celebrations have been held here and there to commemorate the event. I hope that we (especially me who always seek for HIS forgiveness) really get the points of what and why we are celebrating this day.

In conjunction with a holy month of Rejab which is rich of blessings, allow me to give you an overview pertaining to the occurrence of Isra’ and Mikraj that took place on 27th of Rejab, a year before Hijrah was happening. The elaboration below is only a glimpse and you are suggested to refer to those who are expert in Islamic area if any doubts arise, who are more expert on this field such as, ustaz , in order to get in depth information. I would like to share some significant events happening during Israk and Mikraj as I believe, we as a muslim, should know what was behind this important day. I hope, we all can learn a lot regarding to “Isra’ and Mikraj”. May Allah guide us to Jannah, InsyaAllah. Correct me if I am wrong.

Before the happening of Israk and Mikraj

Rasululullah S.A.W underwent an operation to his chest/ stomach, done by Jibrail and Mika’il ( the name of Malaikat) . Her heart was cleaned with Zam-zam ( the water said to be originated from heaven and the well iof Zam-Zam in Makkah never dried up, some black dotes (Alaqah is a place where the Devil/ Syaitan whispers doubts) were erased. Then, the Malaikat inserted some “hikmah” (good values), knowledge and faith in his chest. After that, her chest was sewed and sealed with (Khatimin Nubuwwah). Shortly after the operation was over, appeared an animal called “Buraq” to be ridden by Rasulullah (SAW) to go through an unexpected journey called “Israk”.

During Israk and Mikraj

Throughout the journey, he was accompanied by Malaikat Jibril and Israfil and arrived to some historical places. Then, he was instructed by Malaikat Jibrail to drop by to perform two-rakaat prayer. The places which he had stopped by were:

1) The state of Thaibah (Madinah)- the place where he would do Hijrah

2) The mountain of Tursina-the place where Prophet A.S received revelation of God

3) Baitul-Laham-(the place where Prophet Isa A.S was born)

During his journey, he was disturbed by Jin Afrit with flaring fire, with the power of Allah; he is able to observe some symbolic tragedies which are extremely extraordinary:

1) There were one group did planting and harvesting, as soon as their crops were harvested, the crops ripe again and were then harvested. The prophet was told by Jibrail that these are the groups of “Fisabilillah” or those who achieved martyrdom- the reward multiplied to 700 even till the double were becoming larger and larger.

2) Rasulullah SAW came across the fragrant spot. Jibrail told him that it was actually a grave of Masyitah (a nanny of Firaun) with her husband and children (including a baby who was able to speak in order to strengthen her mother’s faith). She was killed because of the firm uphold in believing Allah and being reluctant to admit that Firaun was the God.

3) A group of people who bang their heads again and again until their heads were blown into pieces. Every time those heads were broken, their head back to normal, then they broke their head again. It happened repeatedly. Jibrail said- there were the people whose head were too heavy to kneel and bow the head( praying)

4) Some people who covered their genitals’ part (front and back) with a small piece of clothing, then they were driven out like livestock. They ate cinders and stones from hell. Jibrail mentioned –These are the people who do not want to pay Zakat -Muslim’s tithe payable.

5) A group that consist of males and females, who were eating a raw meat though there are some cooked meats by their side. Jibrail then said “ these are the people who did adultery although they already got husband and wife;

6) There were a man who was swimming in a Blood River and stones were thrown over him. Jibrail then said “that was the people who did riba’.

7) Men who were gathering some fire woods but he could not able to lift them but still, he kept adding up them. Jibrail then said: that was the people who were not able to fulfill his duty and commitment but still wish to receive another duty. (Who have been placed with trust but could not carry the trust and still continue to take other trusts.)

8) A group of people who were cutting their tongue and lips with iron scissors for many times. Every time they cut their tongue and lips, those parts returned to normal. "That was the people who did slandering and said something that he/she did not even do" said Jibril.

9) There were a group of people who were scratching their faces and chests using their copper nails. Jibrail then mentioned “there were the people who ate human’s meat (gossiping- talking bad things about other to tarnish their image) and smear others’ people.

10) A big male cow popped out from narrowed hole then it could not enter it again. Jibrail told that there were the people who always boasting (Takkabur) then he regretted but it was too late.

11) A woman held a tray of many kinds of ornaments but Rasulullah just ignored her. Jibril said “that was the world and if Rasulullah SAW took a heed over her, that means all Muslims will prioritize world more than hereafter.

12) That was an old woman sat at the middle of the road and asked Rasulullah SAW to stop by but He ignored her. Jibril then said “that was the people who were wasting their times till they became old”.

13) There was a three- humpbacked old woman approached him to ask something. Jibril said “that woman symbolizes the age of world that becoming old and was waiting for its doom day”.

14) When He arrived at Al-Aqsa Mosque, Rasulullah SAW climb down the Buraq then went into the mosque to head a two-rakaat prayer with all Anbia’ and Mursalin as his followers (makmum)

15) Rasullah SAW felt too exhausted so Jibril gave him two types of drinks, liquor and milk. He chose milk and he drank it. Jibrail told him that he made a right choice. If liquor was chosen, that means most of his followers were deviated from straight path.

During Mikraj ( up to Hadhratul-Qudus to meet Allah)

In all of sudden, appeared a stunning stairs which came from Heaven. Rasulullah SAW climbed over the first step then he was brought up to the door of world’s sky (Hafzhah)

1. First layer: Rasulullah SAW and Jibril entered into it, then met Prophet Adam A.S. There, He saw those who did Riba’ and took orphans’ properties and there were also some adulterers with bad looking and horrific antics.

2. Second layer : He met up Prophet Isa AS and Prophet Yahya A.S

3. Third layer : He met Prophet Yusuf AS

4. Fourth layer : He met Prophet Idris AS

5. Fifth layer: He met Prophet Harun with his followers, Bani Israil.

6. Sixth layer: He met Prophet Musa AS. He raised up his head (as instructed by Jibril) then he witnessed a stream of his followers, including 70 000 peoples who went into Heaven without Hisab ( the process of weighting all the doings done in the world whether they are bad or good)

7. Seventh layer: He met Prophet Ibrahim Khalilullah who was leaning against Baitul Ma’mur, facing his followers. After that, Prophet Ibrahim said to Rasulullah SAW ,” You are going to meet Allah tonight. Your followers are the last group and too dha’if (weak), so pray for the sake of your followers. Ask them to plant heavens’ plant which is “LA HAULA WALA QUWWATA ILLA BILLAH”. According to other riwayat , Prophet Ibrahim AS said “ Send my regards to your followers and tell them, heaven has good soils, tasteless water and its plants had Five utterances which are ,” SUBHANALLAH, WAL-HAMDULILLAH, WA LA ILAHA ILLALLAH ALLAHU AKBAR dan WA LA HAULA WA LA QUWWATA ILLA BILLAHIL- ‘ALIYYIL-’AZHIM.” , those who are reciting each of this zikr will be bestowed with a tree inside of heaven. After so many miracles happened, both Rasul SAW and Jibril entered Baitul- Makmur and performed solat. (Baitul-Makmur is situated right on the top of Baitulah in Mecca)

8. Eight layer: This is where ‘Al-Kursi” was mentioned which is located on the branch of Sidratul Muntaha- a tree. Rasullullah SAW saw many miracles occurred at this tree: The water of the river does not change, a milk river, Liquor River and honey river. Fruits, leaves, branches changed its colors and transformed into gorgeous jewels. Golden birds were flying all over the place. The spectacular scenery which no one ever imagine. He could see a river “Al-Kautsar” flowing towards the heaven. Then, He entered the Heaven and noticed a Hell with the guard named Malik.

9. Ninth layer: There were branches of Sidratul-Muntaha- kind of tree. Rasulullah SAW got into Nur and went up to Mustawa and Sharirul-Aqlam. There, he saw a man turned invisible inside the nur of ‘Arasy, the man whose tongue never stopped reciting Zikr, his heart gave a full attention to Mosque and never said bad things toward his parents.

10. Tenth Layer ; He arrived at Hadhratul-Qudus and Hadhrat Rabbul-Arbab. After that, he was witnessing Allah SWT with his own eyes, he kneel and bowed his head promptly. Long dialogue happened between Allah SWT and His Messenger.

Allah SWT: Oh Muhammad, raise your head and pray.

Prophet: Oh Rabbi, You have taken Ibrahim as Khalil and you gave him a big government. You have talked with Musa. You gave Daud a big government and he was able to shape steel. You gave Sulaiman a government whom you have never given to any and made it easy for him to control genies, human, devils and others. You taught Isa with Taurat and Injil and with your consent, he was able to cure blindness and brought people from death. You protected him and his mother from the devil.

Allah SWT: Oh Muhammad, you are my number one. I consent that you would be the bearer of good and bad news. I opened up your heart and threw away all your sins. I made your group as the best. I gave priority and specialty to you on the Judgment Day. I gave you the seven verses (Al-Fatihah) where I have never given to anyone before. I gave you the last verses from Al-Baqarah as a treasure under my ‘Arasy’. I gave rewards to Islam through Hijrah, sedekah (giving to the poor) and practice good deeds and leave behind bad things. I gave your group to perform prayer 50 times a day.

After the dialogue, the prophet was brought to meet Prophet Ibrahim AS and Prophet Musa AS, then, Rasulullah SAW asked the prophets to appeal to Allah SWT to reduce the number of prayers to five. After nine times appealing, the prophet was too shy to ask some more and so, until today, there are five prayer times.

After Mikraj

Rasulullah SAW went back to the sky of world. He was safely reached Baitul-Maqdis by riding a Buraq on his way back to Mecca. It occurred at the same night. Through this journey, he faced many strange events, finally ,He was the one who witnessed Israk’ and Mikraj..


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