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I dedicate this poem especially to my fiancéMuhamad Fahmi Mohd Noor” on the purpose of defining how great torment conquered my soul when he left me. The idea came out the day he left me to achieve a goal of becoming a man whom full of wisdom in the sunrise country…


Tonight just too frosty like arctic ice-berg
The wind as chill as heavy morning dew
Neither like yesterday night
Nor the day before yesterday night
Standing in the midst of Giant birds’ nest
Through glasses curtain
Witnessing he's leaving
Walking close to the giant bird

With Wander as of thoughts
I curse my heart for burning in fury
For Not having the power to sew a pair of long wings
Longer than giant bird’s fake wings
Wagging and flapping vigorously
I curse my heart for burning in fury
For not having heart to start the flapping
As opposed to iron engine own by giant bird
But Greater than the ones giant birds have
So that I could wander whenever heart desires
Fly across spacious Ocean
Explore the sphere globe
Land at Okayama
Smash my warmth affection down
As warm as my great torment

Cold of night seemed to be fighting with the burning of fury
Fury wins as torment volunteer to unite
The unite of fury and torment yielding heat
Heat condenses crystal-clear drops
Right at the corner of my deep eyes
Shining bright through
Reflects the figure of thou
Leaving me and approaching the giant bird
Why he's shuffling to giant bird?
I’m Homosapiens descendant
My descendant made that giant bird
Defeated with my descendants’ possession of creature
Just because I can’t bring him up to sky
Like giant birds usually does….

As he walking away
As quick as flow of teardrops
His figure becomes smaller and smaller
In the center of fallen teardrops
Trickle on the Grey-marble ground

I know he's leaving
Though not forever
Even for a moment
Or for a while
He's still leaving
Leaving me alone unaccompanied
And I let him leaving

In the peace of freezing night

August 2008
Tanjung Malim

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October 19, 2008 at 12:09 AM

bleh wat cerite kepulangan si tenggang :)
nice poem btw...
keep it up...sorry sebok bace your blog...
found the link tru hamidians :D

November 15, 2008 at 8:34 AM

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