I need HIS help...  

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Spiritless is slipping over my soul whereas an anxious mode is dragging me into a maximum degree of despair. I feel like being desolated in the crowd. I feel extremely weak till I couldn’t bear it any longer. My emotional is seriously injured by growing sense of anxiety. The pain couldn’t be described by words as it couldn’t be seen external. All I concern, I am struggling within inner strength till finally, I let my solely feeling taking over. I couldn’t imagine if this so-called mentally torment I’d thought, how about the great torment takes place afterwards in hereafter. It would be much worst than anyone could picture. How weak I am .I’m lacking an inner strength to handle my superfluous emotions. For this moment, I would ask no more except a guide. That is all I want for the time being. I just need a guide that can lead me to the straight path. The path requires me to follow it through without any doubts and anxiety. I couldn’t find any answers of why I unable to make it. I couldn’t force myself to move ahead as confusion made me clueless which way I supposedly put my both feet to walk till the last point. I was drowned into the stream of temptations wild world has to offer .The wild world which never reveals the definition of satisfaction. I tried to float up my hands from the stream till my hands feel the touch of sincere hands. My hands are grabbing those sincere offers to assist me. The touch slowly begins to clutch my feeble hands as tight as grip. Unfortunately, the clutch is releasing slowly because my grasping hands are too loose. Then I feel no place to hold on to. I am totally besotted with the temptations of world .I feel the need to follow what my heart says though I still baffling which way to go. Oh God, please hear my inwardly groan to be free from the prison of torment. I was trapped and incapable to get out of it .I am yearning a life zero of doubts so that it won’t cover my vision from seeing all bounty from God. I don’t want to be deceived by evil whispers to fallen myself into the valley of chaotic. Even I haven’t got a clue of what I really yearn in life. All I really need is only the true path. Please…

Please…help me …spell some miracle words of arousal into my ears

though I'm deafening my ears…

Please... Help me…open my eyes widely

though my eyes remain shut tightly…

Please... Help me…Knock the door of my heart

though I locked it up...

I desperately call for your help to awaken me from the nightmare presented via my own illusion. I want to wake up and get up for an unambiguous intention -to reverse to the true path……

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Juz wanna share my thoughts on this.Sometimes it we who create our own barriers. Barriers denying us from unlocking the heart,barriers from opening the eyes to see or from hearing. Hopefully the key to unlocking the barriers is from within. Just have to look and see. Maybe what you seek is closer to you than you think!
Let life unravel itself to u.Take one step at a time. Live life from within.
Sorry if this comment is a bit long.

p/s: by coincidence my entry is about the seeker who seeks God. A bit of explanation to urs in some way hopefully.Do drop by ye.


October 27, 2008 at 5:08 PM

Say(O Muhammad)"O My slaves who have been prodigal to their own hurt! Despair not of the mercy of Allah,Who forgiveth all sins.Lo!He is the Forgiving,the Merciful" -(Sura Az-Zumar:53)

November 12, 2008 at 12:31 AM

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