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I always learn to restrain my anger as I believe we should train ourselves to be in restrained manner. I’m getting extremely fed up to deal with this “particular people”-arrogant people. In avoidance bickering over unnecessary things causes me to stay away from those who like looking down on other people as if she’s the queen of the earth! Come on girl! It’s arrogant of you to assume you’ll win every time. I am so allergic to whom showing too much pride in oneself and too little consideration for others.

It annoys me when “she” starts talking like she always right but others are wrong, like she is the only one who knows everything and people supposedly nodding whatever come out from her mouth. Sorry, not me!! I can’t tolerate with arrogant people yet I hate getting into argument which may lead to quarrel. At the end, it don’t bring any good therefore, it’s better make a strong stand wether in silence or telling her directly,then keep quite,go away. The best thing to do is stay away from this particular people until the anger totally vanish.

You know, I cannot run from dealing with this particular person however I don’t let negative feelings overpower myself so that I can be rational in reacting. What would you do if that person is someone you really know, plus, you have to meet her every day because you let her ride in your car to go to class? I hate when I’m talking about myself or anything related to mine, she would reply like she knows everything about me. It’s ok if you’re mentioning something on the purpose of giving views or opinions. Nevertheless, it is so not ok to say something inappropriate by insulting through bad impression. Who are you? Do you think you’re so good? Sometimes, I frequently imagine like I’m yelling at her “Shut up otherwise get out of my car!” each time she’s saying something contradict to what I’m saying. She interrupts when I’m not even finishing my words. Luckily, I still have my senses and I won’t do it for the sake of “Ukhwah”. Anyway, I just want to say here, mind your words when you’re talking to me, girl!! I may look passive outside, hey, remember, nobody knows what’s inside….

After having been experience this thing for several times-dealing with arrogant people, I must learn that we must allow for human error, even she makes mistakes-she’s only human. To err is human. I ‘m trying to accept the fact that I m a human too so making mistakes is synonymous with me. :(

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r u ok dear?..

July 27, 2008 at 1:25 PM

I'm ok...don't worry...

July 29, 2008 at 9:17 AM

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