Good bye Thursday :)  

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Fuih!!!…I’ve just finished 3 hours class from 8:00 pm till 11:00 pm ,quite late as the road looked empty the moment we got out from the stuffy room, Taman U 11.No cars or motorcycles passed by like daytime created peaceful atmosphere accompanied by the wind of night cold breeze. I like the smell of night air because I would enjoy the calmness of night, as no harmful sunlight, no UV rays that cause my dull face becomes more dull and uneven skin tone, no sticky sweat!! The Sunrays would affect hydrated skin and ageing skin, which known as women’s top enemies. Every woman wants to look beautiful, if not, don’t be women!!! I’m a real woman who hates harmful UV rays, very much indeed… ngeh~~~ :P

Today's morning was blessedness, :), my group presentation of poem “Monsoon History” hasn’t present yet since so many things to discuss about in more details. I wanted to present it early but lack of time made the discussion ended so quickly .One hour tutorial wasn't be enough to cover all selected poems of each group as every group would take at least 10 minutes plus feedbacks from both lecturer and students.Time-constraint.Only three groups have presented their poem, my group was excluded. The rest will be continuing theirs next week on the next tutorial class. Our discussion pertaining to poem “Si Tenggang Homecoming” brought excitement resulted from several ideas, views and also criticism from my course mates received compliment from Madam Ainon as she said “Excellent”!! You know what, this poem is written by Muhammad Hajji Salleh which implied different version of si tenggang .Not a si tenggang whom forgotten his roots after been traveled abroad yet this is the other version of si tenggang represented the other side of positive ness. The one who didn’t change himself from practicing his customs as he uttered, I’m still a Malay man!!-in last line Yuh,yuh. Meaningful underlying messages which connotes an advice from a persona in serious tone to remind all of us-- Appreciate your customs whenever you are and don’t ever forget where are you from!!! Well, I appreciate my custom very much, the reason I’m wearing baju kurung . J

I can’t wait for tomorrow.Yeah2.I’ll be going back home tomorrow!!! I’ve got plenty of plans to be done though only three free days. The happiest thing for today was when my timetable had been changed, whereas 2 hours class in evening Friday had been altered to Thursday night, meaning that I’ll be free on every Friday .My weekend not only for Saturday and Sunday but also Friday!! Thank God … :p

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yeay!..bole dating 3 hari..sama dgn 72jam..besh2..hihi ;p

July 17, 2008 at 11:28 AM

owh..patut tepon x dapat2..ada kelas upanye..ani..mish u!! ;)

July 17, 2008 at 11:37 AM

Haha..fami ni klaka la~~

July 29, 2008 at 9:16 AM

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