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Nothing interesting happened today.Just having 3 hours of "Selected poems in English" class this morning then went to take my lunch at "kelapa sawit restaurant"-we called it "kelapa sawit" due to the location of restaurant situated at the middle of oil-palm estate ..Ha-ha,then bought newspaper as usual,returned room.Now,Im just sitting and gazing at my alarm clock .It's already 9:36 pm and Im still sitting back enjoying chatting with Fahmi through YM at the same time writing a brief literal meaning of "Monsoon History" poem which written by Shirley Lim,Chinese-Malaysian poet.Being extremely tired of waiting the Uploaded video of one-hour debate, entitled," Today we form the government,tomorrow the fuel prices will go down" to be displayed. I'm overly eager to watch it as I've heard so many responses by Malaysian regarding to the debate yesterday night. I want to give feedback too but I've to watch it first. However, Im so sure DSAI did very well,no surprise, as most of Malaysian know he's a talented speaker .One thing that led me to feel quite annoyed was when knowing that several personal attacks had been made on him.Sorry to say, Ive got so many relevant convictions to oppose all the allegations hit on him based on true facts and logical thoughts after considering many views from intellectuals.My father was once an active ABIM member when he was studying in United Kingdom and Anwar Ibrahim is founder of this non-govermental organisation long time ago before jumped into goverment,eventually became Deputy Prime minister for many years .He said everybody knows a real Anwar Ibrahim.Intellectual people have several reasons not to believe all the allegations .That is why well educated people dwelt in some areas vote for opposition!!I told you not to depend on newspaper only,trying to search for extra information and facts from other media especially global and International Media like BBC ,Al-Jazeera,Newsweek,CNN.Not to forget Malaysia.kini,Tranungkite,Harakah.Daily(so many to be named here).After taking into account everything related to this matter,then you can make your own judgement and evaluation.Let's use our brain!I'm supporting "free-media" no matter what happen because truth should be prevailed."cakaplah benar walaupun pahit".US has warned Malaysia as referred to sodomy allegation againts Anwar currently,saying that "make sure there's no political element behind the allegations".What is that means?They know what has happened in Malaysia before.Anwar's sodomy case had been dropped by court .As a result,he had been released from prison earlier and it is proven that our court has no proof.It is indicated how bad our law system is.We have to accept that.It did occured!! you have seen it already....
.....Mmm.....The wireless network connection is very slow as the signal strenght getting low dissapoint me all the time because I pay for it nevertheless the service isn't so good. I've got to go home!!!. Streamyx is still the best way of getting access to the internet .Thats one of the things that makes me feel "I miss my home" .Now,I'm taking about 10 minutes to be prepared on what I'll be presenting tomorrow yet not so prepared actually .All I can do is comforting myself that everything is going to be fine so dont worry,just present it then finish.That's it. God,I've been wasted the wake hours of this evening by sleeping like a log till some of lights came on like it was almost dusk.What a waste time indeed! ... :)..

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Miss u too !

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