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I had woken from a deep sleep at 6.40 am just to find myself not alone in the room, realized I’ll be performing subuh prayer quite late however sky still covered with darkness. I bet it wasn’t too late none the less. My eyes closed tightly like there was no today or tomorrow, sleeping just the best doing-thing I really enjoy every single minute for the rest of my life!!! Few seconds left by, I kept rolling over the bed beneath thick comforter wrapped my whole chilled-frozen body. I was lying down in bed .Waaa…imagining a bed of roses. Then I stopped! Stopped after thinking life isn’t a bed of roses. Get out of your bed Honey! In force, I took a couple of minutes just sat straightly gazing through an opened window in silence, looked over my roommate who busily put a pile of books into her polythene bag as if short of time to catch a bus .Thanks God I have my own car so I don’t have to think about the scheduled time of getting bus ,I had never think about being leave by bus everyday to go to class but turning up to be the last person to enter the class constantly, and also regularly, mm, now you see how unorganized and undisciplined I am! How are you going to be a teacher girl? I turned my head to the right .There..!! It was seen that I have two hours class on 9 am till 11:00 am stated clearly in pasted timetable for lecture and tutorial session right on my board in front of study table. .Waarrgghh!!! Classes, classes, and classes. Then, assignments, assignments, assignments.Presentation,presentation,presentation. Following after that, exam, exam ,exam .What a life! The life of student, dealing with pen and paper no matter what! Do you have any ideas on how to live life without pen and paper??? Mmm, I had borne in mind that paper and pen are meant everything to me because I am a teacher, I can’t live without them……

I put on my foot simultaneously over the Complex Music with Madam Ainon whom became our respected lecturer for “Teaching of Literature” .She wore a suit of bright gold Baju kurung ,which caused me not feeling drowsy at all. The lecture went smoothly and we were given a next task to be presented on this Thursday on brief clarification anything touches on selected poem received by each group. My group of three consisted of Jihan ,Shalini and I, got Monsoon History by Shirley Lim. No delay if you’ve got to work with them….Lucky me to have such hardworking group members … :P

More than one and half hour later, the class ended not at 11:00 sharp.That's good!!Hooray! Hooray!...My friends hit out at me with this sarcastic words:” don’t get married if you don’t have enough money” which had just mentioned by Madam Ainon while clarifying one of famous short story written by Malaysian entitled “Of Bunga telur and Bally shoes” that contained one of obvious moral values says “don’t get married if you don’t have enough money”. They referred that statement to me as it brought the vivid connotation to me ,just to make a fun therefore It hadn’t annoying me as I laughed hilariously. Guys...You said so because I’ll be marrying soon...Yuh.yuh.Fine! That’s true. I don’t mind .Guys, I’m penniless yet I still want to get married, I want to be a Marry. Marry go around!! Ha-ha... :)

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