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Al-Baqarah ayat 32

“They said:” Glory to Thee, of knowledge we have none, save what Thou hast taught us: in truth it is Thou Who art perfect in knowledge and wisdom”

Malaikat itu menjawab:”Maha suci engkau Ya Allah ! Kami tidak mempunyai pengetahuan selain dari apa yang Engkau ajarkan kepada kami ; sesungguhnya Engkau jualah Yang Maha Mengetahui ,lagi Maha Bijaksana”

Last night, 27TH June 2008 on Friday, Last-minute Info received via SMS made me bucked up to Stadium Jugra for Forum Perdana Ehwal Islam at 8.30 pm to listen to the speeches about “Menjana Islam Syumul di Kalangan Masyarakat” by famous finalists consisted of YB Dato’ Dr Hasan Ali ,Dato” ustaz Ismail Kamus, Prof Dato Hashim Yahya and Ustaz Roslan Mohd who are well-known figures since they have involved in preach for several years. Like Ustaz Ismail Kamus, he had dealt with challenges in preach for over 35 years. Honestly, before this, my area hasn’t launched such an occasion but after the win of latest government in Selangor, such activity has a room to breath. Took a glimpse at the crowd, the area was flooded by the sea of people from different walks of life. At this point, I felt relieved for the sudden reform because I’d been waiting for this moment. My long wait not only paid but it was totally worthwhile. Alhamdulillah. God had granted my wish and perhaps yours as well…:)..The reform was like A move that has enabled the people here to participate in Majlis Ilmu. The opportunity to enrich countless knowledge has been opened up through such activities .It is well justified.

I was accompanied by Bibik Edang -my dutiful maid who is assumed like my best friend :),drove my Iswara headed on Stadium Jugra and not batted on eyelid to observe local residents now feel free to attend such events which not been permitted before as Ustaz Ismail Kamus said, he was banned to talk publicly prior to this moment due to political reason .In fact, he hasn’t done anything wrong .No offense done yet mauled by media without public knowledge. How pathetic! To my surprise, finalists hadn’t inserting any political element during his speech. Thumbs-up! They had successfully conveyed the messages clearly-facts compacted based on real phenomena followed by the proof according to Quran including Hadith. Sense of humor made their speeches interesting that made people laugh loudly. I was told that they are striving hard via their road show on the mission of imparting religious knowledge .Knowledge which supposedly shared by Ummah as a whole .Heh, Now I’m proud to be Selangorian. :) Here, I would like to share some of points discussed during the speeches:

  • Prophet Noah had long lived in the world as he went through life for thousand years until one day, Jibril approached him and asked,” What’s your opinion about this world”, then he replied “I found that world is just like a house that has two doors which are entrance and Exit .MasyaAllah …I began to realize how short life is unfortunately my life full of sin, Sad… ;(
  • There are 80 thousand of Aids patients bearing about 78 percent Muslim, the rest Non-Muslim. Think yourself!
  • Ulama’ has told that world would have suffered from 4 diseases whilst end of century that we must have taken an immediate action to confront these worldliness’ problems. Those diseases are mentioned as below:-
  1. First: Literal, Secular and Materialistic Ideologies would have taken their place widely.
  2. Second: Worldliness becomes first priority in order to achieve a happy life but then eventually causes carelessness.
  3. Third: Some having exposed their good deeds to gain praise which finally leads to Riak.
  4. Fourth: The obvious mistake of selecting unqualified people to become our leader
  • NauzubIllahinminzalik….May Allah look after us. Hey, other additional information is about 3 essential things. Let us take a note if we don’t know and remind ourselves though we have already known .For your knowledge, Allah has given us 3 essential things .Things are bestowed to have a great life which are :-

  1. Hidayatul Awas : All the senses human beings own such as hearing ,taste ,sight and etc are functioning to enjoy life joyfully instead these things would have manipulated our Aqal to differentiate do and Don’ts .As a reminder for you and I, Don’t let Nafsu overpowers the Aqli .Im praying ,”Show us the straight way, The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy grace ,Those whose portion is not wrath who go not astray”- Tunjuki kami jalan yg lurus, Iaitu jalan orang-orang yang Engkau telah kurniakan Ni’mat kepada mereka, bukan (jalan) orang-orang yang Engkau telah murkai ,dan bukan pula jalan orang-orang yang sesat (Al Fatihah ayat 6 & 7)
  2. Hidayatul Akli: Aqal is created by Allah especially for human to think critically but still it is limited thus some of things are not obtainable by Aqal .By Referring to Aqal only won’t suffice unless religion completes it.Sura Al-Jinn Ayat 4 mentioned” There were some foolish ones among us, who used to utter extravagant lies against God “Dan ( dgn ajaran Al-Quran nyatalah) bahawa sesungguhnya : (ketua) yang kurang akal pertimbangannya dari kalangan kita telah mengatakan terhadap Allah kata-kata yang melampaui kebenaran”
  3. Hidayatul Din: Din means religion pointed out religion has become the guide to live life harmoniously. This must be our best guidance in avoidance the lost of humanistic values.Sura Al –Ahqaff ayat 13Verily those who say, “Our Lord is God” and remain firm (On that Path),-on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang menegaskan keyakinannya dengan berkata,” Tuhan kami ialah Allah”, kemudian mereka tetap teguh di atas jalan yang betul (dengan pengakuan iman dan tauhidnya itu ) maka tidak ada kebimbangan (dari sesuatu yang tidak baik” terhadap mereka,dan mereka pula tidak akan berdukacita.

Sahabat, there were many other extra points I haven’t highlighted here. With sincerity, hope that it would benefit us .Less is better than nothing. Fiamanillah. :)
That’s all. Please correct me if I’m wrong … ;)

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