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This topic is supposedly revealed for the past few days, by right on that particular date. An absence of mood had blocked my intent to write this topic prior to today’s date. I’ve been waiting for the mood to stimulate intrinsic desire to press this notebook keyboard for writing so that I capable of expressing what are hidden in my mind into words thoroughly. Hey, I believe mood is necessarily needed to stimulate a starting-point of every action. When it comes into writing, I need couple of times to feel the sensation of mood to start the ball rolling. Mood necessitates it.

What is so important concerning with this date till it becomes a significant subject for today’s blog? 07062008 had been noted as an important day, as well as the most unforgettable event in my life. I would say it was a Red-letter day not only for me but also for him-Fahmi. No words can define how special it was to us. Furthermore, our fateful day went well in according to our planning thus Thank God. It all began when Fahmi’s parents visited my house for the first time and brought together the wish of matchmaking us. In Malay culture, it is called Datang Merisik” ;)… Here is the picture of my ring ..

Asar prayer had already announced the moment I started a car engine, went to Kampung Endah to fetch my grandma. I wanted her to be involved in our discussion regarding to my wedding .I took heed of my both elder sisters’ experiences. They got grandma into the deal. So I wished the same goes to me. Not so long after the arrival of grandma and I to my home, Fahmi’s parents reached our house safely and they were welcomed at the door by Dad and Mum with full of warmth but then they looked timid especially his father. It can be portrayed obviously through face expression .He tried to adapt with new condition by reacting calmly and less talked as compared to my Dad. My dad created a cheerful atmosphere by introducing some interesting topic into friendly informal conversation. I recalled the last visit to their house; fahmi’s father non-stopped telling me how nervous he felt to imagine the meeting of my parents. To be honest, I frequently visit his parents even though he wasn’t in Malaysia. His father seemed timid at first however he overcame the situation after having a long conversation. The sibilant sound of chatting can be heard all over the dining room. I was there without a purpose of getting engage in the chatting circle. Just want to feel the sweet moment once in a lifetime. I lend my ear over the conversation and kept listening in quite. Sometimes I had to voice up every single thing asked by them. Some of the questions should be answered by Fahmi. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there .Aduh mak!...They talked about the suitable date for our engagement including wedding, how many people would attend my engagement day and so on. The long conversation stopped temporarily in few minutes as I was called to come forward to put on gold ring to my left ring-finger. Seeing the ring reminded me of him. That ring was bought together with him at about eleven months ago. Yeah .Everything was well-planned .Well-prepared. Well organized. Went well .Alhamdulillah .We got unanimous decision that engagement day will be held on 17th August 2008 at noon followed by wedding ceremony next year. It might be either end of February or early of March of 2009. Hey!! I’m getting married within a short time. There are only few months ahead before entering into changing life. No more single life afterwards…

Some of my close friends were taken aback pertaining to this latest news by keeping in touch through mobile-phone and YM. So many responses received like I had done something weird .It might sound weird for certain people, because of several acceptable reasons like too young to get married plus I m still studying. Some mentioned “ani muda lagi la”, “ani,tanak tunggu stabil dulu ke?”, ”mak bapak ani takpe ke,kalau mak bapak aku jgn harapla” , ”jgn terberanak dah”-Haha,ceh! ,“ tanak tunggu habes belaja ke?” And many else that better unwritten here. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut every time my peers quest for clarification. Dear friends, Let me explain, you know, when it comes into relationship matter, it’s quite complicated to be spoken. It was like a call came from instinct which given by God without my expectation .I had a very strong belief that HE knows what is best for me .To tell the truth, I wanted to avoid myself from committing adultery as long as we still remain as unmarried couple. He thought the same too even before I had directly informed him about this .Thank God he understood. Moreover, we have capability of getting married so what is the point of postponing such a noble act. Noble act in the eyes of GOD is much more important regardless what human thought.

One of my ex-schoolmates convinced me that my over-emotional feelings drove myself into critical time as if I’d been deceived by the flame resulted from peak of love .As if it has blinded me. The flame referred to an intense feeling .The flame would never stay any longer which only appears during the early two years of relationship. It is meant that everything seemed extremely beautiful with no flaws during those periods of time. Soon or later the flames would fade away .How am I going to reflect upon these relevant understanding in fact it is occuring truly sometimes. Sorry to mention that no perceptions are considered by me to keep moving on with my decision. I want to get married….Yes….I stick to my decision….I’m getting married….07062008 is a sign of moving one step forward into the higher stages of life , like Fahmi always say,Time to move one step forward”..Lots of thanks to 07062008 for giving me chance to delight in such a memorable day.Great to have you as a platform for us "to move one step forward"…

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ani&fami, c0ngrats!
kpd bakal pnganten bedua taun dpn ni..barakallahulakuma wa jama'a bainakuma fi khair. =D

janna masuk dlm jemputan x 17th aug ni? hehe

June 26, 2008 at 8:36 AM

Salam Janna..hehe..thanxx yuh!! ala..dtgla,sgt sonok kalu janna sudi dtg..time tu suda balik Malaysia ka~~?

June 26, 2008 at 9:36 AM

salam.. congratulations ani, da lame x dengar berita. barakallah fiikum

p/s: sorry ani, lost your ID time tukar account YM. so im really gonna miss u.. isk2, keep in touch. im at mildwisdom@yahoo.com

June 26, 2008 at 12:57 PM

Well, congratz! :) love to follow up after you but ermm.. there are certain matters to be fulfilled before stepping into the 'other' world.

Hey, if ainul would like to have a photographer for your wedding, call me. Or talk to Najwa. Give her the date, venue and all, and she'll pass it to me. :)

Best regards!

June 26, 2008 at 7:26 PM

Jui..thanks jui sbb still igt kite,time kaseh jugak for ur congrtaz,appreciate it..nway ani add jui nnti k..miss u too :)

June 27, 2008 at 11:16 PM

ok abg afiz!! hehe..thanks la ucap tahniah kat ani..nway,ape2 pom ani gtau najwa dulu k..nak harge paling murah leh,ngeh~~test utk engagement day dulu..

June 27, 2008 at 11:17 PM

To be honest, you're such an inspiration! I 101% agree with you to get married at this age.

June 28, 2008 at 12:06 AM

Haha,thank u,u r the first person to say we should get married at this age but it depends to situation,if u had already found the right one,and has a capability of getting married,just do it,if not,just wait for the right time,the time will come..:B..Ims...kun fayakun..If Allah says jadi! maka jadilah ia :)

June 28, 2008 at 4:35 AM

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