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First of all, I would like to make an apolgy in case this writing might be quite sensitive as perhaps it’s not supposed to be exposed in the public because this may touch anyone's sensitivity. In all honesty, I would say that I feel the need of ruthless intellectual honesty about my own motives of highlighting this article. In an attempt to publish it for expressing ideas reason, has no relation with bad intention and not even to instigate negative thought towards any sides.

Back to the main subject I’ve mentioned above, ”People looking to change the Government “ .Here in Malaysia everyone is talking about it day by day .I would say that Undeniable that this statement has become the most talked about topic in Malaysia now, not because it is up-to-the-minute but due to its remarkable effect on the Rakyat as a whole .Only those who are very concern and conscious about our generation in the future will get up to date with the latest issue regarding to Country Leadership because the success of tomorrow very much relies on the success of today’s’ leadership .I wasn’t born in Malaysia but I love my country and my future generation. So do you? Hey my friends who studying across the miles!!! I’d guess you had already informed about the issue of the year,” the extreme oil price increase”. I’m one of amongst others who had suffered from this new phenomena because I’m driving my own car nevertheless I don’t have job to fill in an oil tank as I’m still studying. Not even enough to top up my credit mobile phone. Before this, I depend to my scholarship to support my expenditure but now I have to make thick skinned to ask more money from my parents as a result of an increasing cost of living. The shortage of money suppressed me and it makes me wonder what about those who come from poor background. I should thank Allah. Every time I find myself facing on hard times, I would let myself think about other’s difficulties…

Let me direct to the point, Of course, sorry to say the government under the weak leadership of the present premier cannot come up with the better solution to the problem of loosing trust from some of Rakyat. Does everybody realize that the Rakyat sent a very strong message during the last elections by rejecting BN at the polls whence they lost an additional four states and lost also their 2/3 majority.Selangor,KL,Penang,Perak and Kedah fell into opposition hand and I considered the win of Opposition Party is so unpredictable. Some seemed to be very sad; some showed their excitement and some preferred being very neutral by not supporting any parties.

Dear readers, the more essential issue here is not just the mere huge increase an oil price but the domino effect that this would have on the livelihood of the people. When we talk about livelihood, it will automatically refer to cost of living. Government calls upon the people to change “their lifestyle”. I very much agreed that lifestyles have to be adjusted when conditions for living change, however, let me ask you. Whose lifestyle need to be changed more? Is it fair to urge those poor people to change their lifestyle ..How about those on the top who has never faced financial problem?aha…did you get my point?

How our leadership has to explain to a head of family whose household income is say about RM 1500 a month and has to feed and provide a family of six, let’s say for school going children? how do we explain to him to “change his lifestyle” when he has to buy rice at RM30 per 10 kg bag, cooking oil at RM13,milk formula at RM54 (for 2.3 kg tin) and not to mention the other essentials that necessary to carry on living and not starving? Hey, that does not include the coming increase in tariff rates for electricity. His children would not enjoy the rebates when they take the school buses which would have upped their fares. What about school allowance to school not to mention. I’m not living in poor condition yet my concern is always increasing. I’m not satisfied because I can't help it except observing the hard situation with hesitation.

These suggestions might be useful if we can cut some paltry amount from just one of the allowances that the top side enjoys. Prior to the cut, the top cabinet enjoyed an estimated RM 7.729 million in entertainment allowances alone .With 10 percent cut, they would still enjoy some RM6.957 million.Why don’t sacrifice a little bit for the sake of Rakyat. The other allowances were not mentioned. Can we as Rakyat make a request? Why don’t they just list down all the various allowances that they get in a financial year so that the people can judge if they sincere? Rakyat are not idiot plus they are well-educated nowadays and begin to realize their own rights .I m as one of young generation require freedom to think critically at the same time put Islamic values as the first priority and guidance in making judgment. Sorry again maybe this article is seen as extremely unethical..

Thank you for reading-very much appreciated

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There's nothing unethical when it comes to expressing your opinions. Your mind belongs to you alone and nobody could ever say that it's wrong. In fact, some of the points that you've stated here are being discussed widely by the adults. Shows that your maturity is at the most excellent level. Keep it up!

June 27, 2008 at 11:51 PM

Trying to be out-spoken though it's hard because I'm so afraid to think about what other's

June 28, 2008 at 4:38 AM

No problem to be out-spoken bcoz u got the rights to do so. As long as u talk about the right things. Can't expect other's think will be the same as u bcoz different mind different view. I also might have different view from ur's :)
-keep up ur concern!

October 9, 2008 at 2:24 PM

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