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Few years ago, My elder brother (Afiq) met with an accident and consequently he lost his little finger …He also experienced skidding from his motorcycle under the big trailer in the highway but he was fortunate since he was saved, Thank God…Now,he doesn’t ride motorcycle anymore after Abah gave him a Red Kancil which was handed down by my elder sister(Ulfa) after she graduated…

My elder sister (Izzati) drove her car which was also given by my Dad, another Gold Kancil , and accidentally fell into a big drain at my Village, I still cannot imagine how can she fell into the huge drain?! Some of the villagers gave a hand to lift it up….It was funny actually! ;D

My younger brother ( Anis) had been hit by a Mercedes Benz car with a crash and rushed to the Hospital because His right legs was broken .His condition became worst as his wrist was also broken .He underwent an operation for his injury head and to put an iron inside his leg. He got some bleeding and his ear hole was caked with red blood… He spent almost 3 months at home and sat for SPM without any preparation…He was totally recovered now… ;)

My younger brother ( Anas) had a calamity when he was riding his motorcycle to send his friend to Bus Station. He was slipped and got some incise wounds on his chest and chin…As a result ,he unable to laugh for a while and cannot open his mouth widely in order to avoid pain at his chin …what a pity!!

I have made one big mistake when I was 5 years old…I didn’t follow my mom’s advice not to ride a bicycle inside the house, she warned me for hundreds of times however I didn’t bother at all… I rode a bicycle in the living room and my one-and-half-year-old brother (Anis) crawled to approach my four-wheel-bicycle which then attracted his curiosity to put his small fingers inside the spinning chain and suddenly he cried out loudly but I kept cycling faster and faster till his finger cut off into two. He got some stitches to connect his cut fingers back. I want to say sorry to him but I never do till now…many people gathered at my house and I was terribly afraid which caused me urinated unintentionally because I thought policeman will arrest me…YUCksss….mmm ;*

My another mistake was I drove my Dad’s car (Nissan Sentra) to go to the town nearby after my SPM in fact I haven’t got my license yet …My dad said NO but I ignored his advice as all I wanted was to show off that I can do it …Unfortunately, I hit Wira which owned by a man who looked like in the mid of thirties…I showed my innocent face with the word Sorry, then I called my dad immediately by using a public phone because I had no hp..My Dad came and dealt with him face to face…He kept asking my dad “Dia ada lessen tak ni” My dad intentionally answered it incorrectly and pretended like He didn’t hear his question… Abah told me if he lodge a report to the police, I won’t get my license and prohibited from driving for almost two years….Abah, I’m Sorry, I always being so stubborn and reluctant to follow your advice…That incidence not affected my dad to buy a new car for me,Proton Iswara…I want to say Thank you but I shy to mention that word to Abah due to wrongdoing I’ve made, ashamed of my own behaviour …Abah, I’m sorry and I swear I ll be a good daughter after all… ;1

Several years ago, I rode my toddler brother’s wheelbarrow to descend from the steep of the mountain to feel like riding a roller coaster when I was about nine years old… I fell in prone position with bad injury at my knee and palm…God, I didn’t mind… but the severe scars left reminded how naughty I was… ;P

I'd guess there are hundreds of people in the whole world have faced accident or calamity in their life at least once in a life time,if the person is not you, who knows the victim is someone close to you…So, Watch out and beware do matters...It can happen at anywhere, at anytime, to anyone of us…Right? …. ;) - NAUZUBILLAHIMINZALIK

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