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I have a sentimental attachment to where I was grown up. In addition to that, I like to blot out childhood memories whenever I flashback the old moments. I can be classified as sentimentalist type of person and really appreciate every single moment in my life. I don’t have diary to jot down everything however I made this piece of writing sentimentalizes the previous experience of mine…..

Fourteen years ago, I lived in the comfortable quarters provided by UKM to its staff. At that time, Abah was appointed to be a Head of College, namely Kamsis Ibrahim Yaakob but now it was changed to Kolej Ibrahim Yaakob. Perhaps “kamsis“ sounds so olden compared to “Kolej” which sounds noticeably modern.My father graciously accepted the offer because there were many advantages can be obtained. That was the best way to save as much money as possible for huge family he had at that time. Moreover, he works as a lecturer over there so he could easily go to and fro between college and faculty. At that time, just imagine he had eight children when he was still in the middle of thirties, connoted how productive my mother was ;P .Now I have ten siblings which supposed to have eleven including my late sister .She passed away after been breathing for only few hours-My mother told me that she had never seen her even though she gave birth of her and didn’t even know how she looked like .My father was the only person who saw her real condition. Her name called “Nurul Huda”(Allah bless her), sounds simple yet absolutely lovely. All we knew that she was not as normal as other children and my parents permitted her passing to meet God .They let her go in silence scream accompanied by calmness. No words but tears. (I reminisced my mother told me about this in a very cold voice and she said God replaced her with me -Then I replied that she will welcome Mama at the next world so don’t be very sad) .I felt extremely grateful since God has proven how lucky I am to be lived in this volatile world although just for once and a while. That’s a Golden Opportunity and I knew I’ll be return to him finally .My mother’s ordeal reminded me that everything belongs to Him.

I might be a little different compared to other kids elsewhere. During my childhood times, I had no friends to play with due to the location of my house which neighbored on wild jungle and undergraduates’ hostels .My house situated on greenish mountainside seemed like a golf-course. A single Bungalow of doublestorey was shared by eleven peoples. Living with no peer group at home to play with everyday has created emptiness inside of me. Fortunately I have many siblings with near gap of age in between; at least I have someone to play together. The most unforgettable experience was that I often observing a group of wild pigs followed by several piglets at behind strolling around in the compound of my house to butt the earth especially after heavy rains. Raining would make the soil becomes half muddy and not hard for them to butt. There were some dotted after the butting as if someone has hoed soil up and left them unsettle .They would also produce the sound like ”ourgh..ourgh”, not much different to the sound of snoring( I can imitate the sound if you ask me to ;P).Their body were round and solid which covered with grey fur and apparently imbalance with their short legs.Their snout was the most obvious part that being a center of attraction…Short tail made them looks cute instead…They can only walk straightly and unable to walk in twisting and turning all over the way (so don’t run straightly if they chase you). They would leave their foot mark on the earth which similar with goat’s footmarks if they trampled on wet soil…Night as just a perfect time for them to begin their wander around, the earliest time to come out was in the dusk…..Sometimes,I would be waiting for their coming and peeped silently through the window almost every night .They got high sound’s sensitivity and would run away if they heard any sounds in all of sudden. This scene repeated for six years, during my living at there. I really miss that moment!

At certain times in the day; a group of monkeys turned out from the jungle to search some food. Watching them hanging from a tree to another got us too excited in spite of they brought many problems to us and students in the hostel near by.As they came, we shut the sliding door grill and threw out some food towards them. They were given high quality of foods such as white rice, Gardenia bread, Hup Seng biscuits and many more. How lucky they were !...They corked up the food into their crop gluttonously. They were aptly called as Glutton! They competed with each other to get the food even though their crop was already full. Small monkeys were hold by his mother and the mothers were very protective. Porn scene was when some of cruel male monkeys copulate with female monkeys. It was an ordinary view actually (I shouldn’t watch it because it was rather disgusting action). I still could not forget when my kitchen has been messed up badly appalled us. When I checked out the cause of kitchen’s mess, I realized many spots of yellowish turmeric powder visible on the floor. Then, I followed them with anxious and the spots lasted in the drain which was the border of forest and the vicinity of my house. I discovered that some of the food had been stolen by monkeys. They have made an awful mess in the kitchen in the process of stealing all the foods. They sneaked to my house to take anything which can be eaten. The most suspense incidence was the three of big monkeys tried to attack my elder sister(ulfa) as she hold a pot of white rice. Those monkeys wanted the rice badly until they were ready to swoop up the pot from her hand, each of those monkeys showed their tusk with the sound of GRRR GRRR. Owh, God, I didn’t know what should I do and I felt like my hair stood on air. I was deeply afraid .She screamed as loud as she could until my eldest sister (Izzati) appeared and acted bravely after them. What she did was the nearer the monkeys approached the nearer my eldest sister stepped forward. Those monkeys and then stepped backward as the sign of yield, several minutes later, they ran away….I relieved for no bad things happened,I was afraid that those monkeys would pounce over her…fuih, Thank God they didn’t….I also experienced watching many other wildlife like leaf monkeys (Lotong), canary birds, eagles, owl, snakes, monitor and many else….I could not forget when the smelly Monitor sneaked into storeroom after ate remainder eggs eaten by my brother which left on the floor (Urgh…it smells like carcass), dead Scorpion trapped inside my school shoes, owls perched on netball pillar with its head rotated 360 rounds ,blinking fireflies gathered at the vicinity of yard and then I caught them into the small plastic (Very beautiful indeed),red giant centipede rambled in car park, Bats flew over the roof etc…..Living surrounded with wildlife such the best experience I have ever had….I had no friends to play every evening during childhood periods but nothing to regret ;B…The irony was I hate animals nevertheless their existence brought the colours into my life ……

When I enter UKM ,those memories came flooding back though the area has many changes…By the way, my father’s name as a ex-head of college was carved beautifully on the board decorated in mini garden in the college for remembrance of his six years of loyal service ……… ;) …
Msg : Dear friends..Thank you for spending your time to read this...LOVE u all ;)

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