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I was born in United Kingdom, nevertheless raised in suburban area in Malaysia . I spent my childhood periods in Bandar Baru Bangi the same place where I began my primary school which under non-government organization, Sri ABIM Kajang…When I reached my teen aged ,I moved to another town,Banting . My hometown was mostly Malay-Javanese ,middle-class, Muslim community. We moved there after Abah achieved his dream to have his own house situated in “kampong” atmospheres. The smell of “kampong” inspired him a lot therefore it was best area to build my house. He could not be resisted to its norm cultural life. I lived in a peaceful village near to my father’s place of birth,Kampung Endah. It was beautiful area, just West of Selangor (across the Kuala Langat River), located about 10 km from the beach (Pantai Morib) which well-known place of interest for visitors. Those years of growing up from being innocent child until entered my puberty, I knew all of my childhood times---went to school by bus, used to be half-naked and covered with pants only - I influenced by male siblings who like to wear it for the whole day and I just wanted to be accepted by them as their gang, I am telling you that I have two big brothers and four little brothers, so don’t blame me if I prefer manly things, fought against them was my daily routine including climbed trees in the vicinity of my yard. My eldest brother never stop saying that –“mase abang jage ani mase kecik2 kan, ani tak macam budak lain, br umur bape tahun da panjat sampai atas tuuu,terkejut abang sbb ang pompuan,tapi bile da besa tak sangke ang jadi macam ni”..hehe-banggee”,well, he likes to reminisce the old days ...He tried to convey his point meaning that I was not boyish anymore, turned to be lady like after grew up-uwek ...I would never forget the day when I had been beaten by Abah with his black belt without saying anything..At that moment,I wished he would state my mistake clearly,but he didn't.. .It occurred after I returned home in evening. I didn’t know what had I done wrong until he pissed off. I took a very long time to accept it due to unfair punishment received which affected my emotional in depth…. My back covered with swelling and my eyes became red resulted from shedding tears too much. I kept asking,what was my mistake? After been thinking for several times, I ended up such questionable assertion with right reason- I was 12 years old and I should not be half-naked when loiter around, that was reasonable purpose of beating me that consequently triggered my awareness not to do it again…Since that day, I promised not to do it again and... yes… that was the last time…Abah’s hand taught me that every action taken reflects the consequences on one's life,I learnt to be responsible in each of my action ....

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