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I don’t think talking about morning sickness would be a good idea. But I still want to talk about it. The first few weeks went well till I reached 8 weeks of pregnancy, it was like in a blink of eye I felt like world is rotating round and round and I started to feel extremely queasy. My stomach is bloating. But I am so grateful, despite of being weak, this time round I can consider myself way much better compared to my first pregnancy as the presence of my loyal hubby is very much helpful. He has been so kind to look after Ayla almost all the time, does house chores while I am snuggling in my bed like there’s no tomorrow. I never miss my Obimin and fish oil because my lost appetite really made me worried thinking whether I consume enough nutrients for me, baby, and Ayla. I admit that I was still traumatized of getting pregnant again owing to bad experience when I was pregnant with Ayla, really, but having more babies is always be my dream. I just want to indulge in beautiful feeling of cuddling a baby in my arm, the smell of newborn giving me a great feeling. That’s why I break my plan of getting pregnant again though I plan for second baby after Ayla reaches two years old. I am afraid I cannot achieve my mission of breastfeeding her till two years due to bad morning sickness, and it’s miracle I can make it by God willing. He is definitely the best source of strength. Allahhuakbar. And guess what, Ayla was born on 22 RabiulAkhir 1432 and next week will be 22 RabiulAkhir 1434, that means I have fulfilled 2 years of breastfeeding journey as recommended in Islam. Alhamdulillah. 


 My milk tank is still working round the clock producing creamy yummy milk for my darling Ayla. Her mouth still smells milk, her tongue still have stains of milk after sucking for quite long time. She still has regular times of breastfeeding 10 to 12 times, and still wakes up three times in the middle of night. Still. I was immuned with irregular sleeping hours so no more feeling ting tong in the school like the first few months after Ayla was born. That was awesome! Ha ha. I was thinking to wean off her from breastfeeding but I know it’s going to be tough, I can imagine a dramatic play in which two main characters are emotionally drowned in tears. Mama and Ayla. Actually, I really want the process of weaning off happens naturally, and looking at Ayla, I am not sure if it is possible. Seriously. 


 Ayla milestones are going well. She likes passing her pink teddy bear to me and asks me to breastfeed her, sometimes she pretends like feeding her teddy bear, she does the same to her mum and dad so we have to pretend like chewing the food every time she does that otherwise she will cry. When it is bedtime, she goes into bedroom, turns on the air cond, and makes crocodile tears telling me to come and sleep with her. It always happens when I am having my own ample time in the living room; then my hubby will throw a look at me “Sayang, Ayla panggil, nak tido” with a giggle because he is happy that Ayla is not calling her ayah. Yeah, being a mom, it’s your baby who controls your schedule. 

I am in a bundle of nerves as tomorrow I am gonna be a host for Ping Pong Tournament Peringkat Negeri Selangor. Truthfully, I try to reject this duty because my morning sickness at evening is uncontrollable but no one is willing to be pengacara majlis. Bantai je lah! Let’s say I terbluek while talking, terima sajalah ya. I will bring along my loyal companion, plastic bag, my true saviour for the time being.


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