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I am waiting for this November to come, as around in the mid the result of my application to transfer to Klang will be coming out and this is the THIRD time. I manage not to build up any hope because previously, all of my hopes were dashed by the rejection. It was so exigently excruciating to live with hope. Duh! Somehow I feel okay because I believe I am not going to spend the rest of my life here, soon or later I will go out of here, the fact of life cycle will let it happen so why worried. (I am now in a very good mood because school holiday is around the corner, *Jolly Laugh*). 

Lately, having to finish an oral test at least twice for each of more than hundreds students really makes me spring to life as I am actually behind time, I suppose to get ready with the result earlier. In addition to prepare for final exam paper and get to mark piles of  those, I swear procrastination really wastes my time. It’s getting shoddier when the tasks appear to be redundant because of my own blunder!

Oh well, my goody-goody sunshine is doing great. Guess what? I started to realize that she got my face! Ha Ha! Her not so wide eyes, her not so sharp nose, her not so fair skin: kulit Melayu, her cute pout when she is so focused or absorbed in something, she definitely resembles her mum in term of look only, hopefully she will never turn out to be as clumsy as her mum. 

 Days in the making

Every day is tiring but thrilling
Looking at Ayla’s budding
Such an effective healing to depressing,
Home chores and work I am juggling,
Still on top of all is breastfeeding
Sometimes I do crying
When I don’t have time for playing
Those actually make my life worth living
To have something to be doing

Sabak Bernam
October 2011

Words above describe what is going on in my life now. I have nothing much to say but I still want to write something so that my blog does not look abandoned.

Anyway, out of topic. I miss Japan badly!


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