The attack of summer flies  

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I still have a whale of a time due to long break before I have a rough time of working as a teacher somewhere-I-don’t-know-yet as I am still waiting for my posting result. I think I need to must feed my cognition with something enlightened. I feel like my brain is having slow-paced mode owing to the decrease of neurons, Oh! lots of cessation turns me adrift. My world now is revolving around ‘me’ that I feel like, Oh my God! I desperately need to cudgel my brains or rack my brains by saddling with mind-challenging tasks otherwise I will get insane. I mean it! Perhaps I should go out whenever I feel ‘stuffy’ staying at home but residing in foreign country with a very ‘alien’ language make me feel terrified to go around freely without my hubby being by my side because I am afraid of losing my way. My hubby leaves some money on the table, with the keys for bicycle and house and asks me to go anywhere I like if I get bored, I refuse by saying the same thing again and again, ”Oh no, are you losing your mind, you will not see me again if I lost my way, don’t you know I can’t speak Nihonngo, and I am not familiar with the area!” . Ah-ha.(Mengada-ngada)

It’s not that I am afraid of doing something new, for all this while, I am used to be independent but living here with zero knowledge about Japan is not something standing on my head. I really want to attend Nihonggo class so that I‘ll be able to at least, read the ‘kanji’. My husband willing to teach me but I cannot catch on even a letter, I lose my focus because he’s not stern enough to motivate me to go extra miles in learning Nihonggo. He told me I am in no condition to have Nihonggo class because I am here for only a really short time.

Sorry! I am out of my main topic. Hey, my actual focus is not related to nonsense blabbered above. So…..
Off the topic, now I want to talk about SUMMER FLIES..

First and foremost, you must know why the word SUMMER comes together with the word FLIES. It’s because the flies would appear when the winter faded away to give way to summer. During winter, I never see even a little tiny fly but as soon as the summer comes, the flies have suddenly sprung out of nowhere and it’s rather irritating seeing them swirling around. 

I loathe flies of all sorts, particularly ones that fly in a group and crawl. I know I am going crazy of griping over small matter but I have to get this one off my chest. This summer is turning out to be quite hot and there seem to be a lot more insects finding their way into my humble house than usual. Yesterday, we went into war against summer flies and maggots. I tell you, maggots look more disgusting than flies. 

Okay, yesterday night, after I had my shower and got myself soaked in the warm water in the bath tub with my eyes glued to TV screen watching England had been thumped by Germany by four goals to one; automatically England was out of the world cup. I was a bit upset because I support England, it  is where I was born though nothing about England remains fresh in my memory! (mengada-ngada lagi sekali, haha) Okay, so you know I was not in a good mood yesterday night, haha, I am exaggerating! The bad mood exceeded the limit when next tragedy triggered its peak, it all began when I got myself comfortable in the bed;  in all of sudden, I saw my hubby’s favourite white shirt that only worn for outings lying unfolded on the bed. Then, I turned to my hubby who was so absorbed in surfing internet for online shopping and asked him why he put his favourite shirt there as it was supposed to be kept in the cupboard. He told me that he found it inserted behind the dustbin that I may hang them and drop it while picking them up. Right at that moment, I was half-screaming, chattering that the shirt must be sullied that he should put it in the basket instead of putting it on the bed! While chattering and waving the shirt to him, I saw something creepy, little white creatures, and they were ugly little maggots! I screamed at the top of my lungs, jumped over the side, here and there’s the “thing” was quite literally just crawled on OUR bed. We brushed them down of our bed. Yuck! After that, my hubby instantly got up, dash, took a bag of rubbish out of the dustbin using newly-brought-gloved hands and threw it away not at the right time, he broke the rules of dumping garbage not within time allotment.(Thank  his lucky star that nobody caught him messing up in the darkest of midnight. We were so desperate of doing that, we could not stand the heat of living in a very bad atmosphere, we need some clean air.) I was just sitting at the side of bed doing nothing, I jumped out of my skin and quaked in my boots. Then, he brought the empty dustbin with maggots crawling all over it to the toilet, and I heard splashes of water afterward. I know the war does  not end here. We wage war almost every day! 

One thing about Japan, I don‘t know whether good or bad it may sound to you, you must put the wastes in the proper city-designated garbage bag that must be bought in the market before you dump them. Simply said, you have to spend your money even for a plastic garbage bag. Besides that, there are regulations of garbage disposal according to office hours in the right place provided. It has schedule, you can only throw away your household wastes according to specific time determined in the rules, for instance, garbage can be disposed on Thursday morning so that means, disposing garbage on Saturday, Monday and etc are not allowed otherwise, you will be sued/warned if you get caught. So, even if you have a mountain of rubbish in your house, you cannot clear it up straight away whenever you want. My hubby always complains about this thing because during summer, rubbish cannot stay longer, it will attract those flies and I tell you, it’s irritating and disgusting that will lead us a dog’s life. The regulations are strictly abide by local people. I can’t imagine if the same rule is implemented in Malaysia, do you think will it work for Malaysians? 

                                                       The plastic bag for household waste

Every day, yes, everyday, the kitchen was littered with maggots and flies that seemed to just come in and die every day. The dustbin always being an ideal place for those creatures. The only problem is we cannot clear up the carnage every day. In order to chase them away, we bought a number of insecticides to kill them. They died but then, another group takes turn, the cycle seems to be non-stopping! 

                 Insecticides that we bought        

Earlier next morning, I happened to look around. The flies seemed to go away, but not forever. They really came back! I am not going to have a terrible battle with dozens and dozens of summer flies though it is totally grossed out. The question come across my mind, where do these summer flies come from? Where do they live during winter?

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hah..only once a week boleh buang sampah...mujur u guys just berdua compared to my dustbin you will have loads of dirty diaper..eeeyuukkk..every single day i must clear the bin kalau tak pengsan...eee yukkk...dgn all the najis and wasted food i could not imagine the my neighbourhood the rubish will be collected 3 times a week pun ramai complain...maybe jepun introduced that system because they want to minimize the rubish of each household..but for me if u have kids it will be very difficult unless you used cloth diaper...

p/s ani rumah di jepun macam kecik based on ur decriptionlah..macam sebesar satu bilik je..betul ke?

June 30, 2010 at 10:20 PM

Not once a week, twice or thrice a week if im not mistaken. But, at my neighborhood, the time for dumping is ONLY in d morning, if u miss d morning, u will have a dog's life! Terrible. Even if the garbage site is clean n empty,u cannot dump anything if it's not at d exact time. The garbage site is so cleaaaaan, their garbage truck is so clean as well, that impressed me so much when I first came here, just imagine Japanese go to Kelantan, they will definitely be surprised.Ah-ha

yes,the house is smaller than ur previous room in Kampong! it is actually a house for one single person,It's like a room in campus hostel,plus everything is there, kitchen, computer,cupboard,big TV, multifunction sofa that can turn into where we are sleeping!n many more. there's no space for kids to run. So, guests are not welcomed to our house, especially those who have kids.haha

July 1, 2010 at 12:04 AM

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