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This is a tag about me.

Haha~ I can't stop tagging, sorry if it makes you feel annoyed. I owe a few tagging from whom has tagged me. This tagging comes from Ida so I think it's a right time to pay it now. Thanks Ida although it's a bit late to do it due to time constraint lately because final exam is already started and not over yet. However, this tagging seems so interesting, that is why I resist not to ignore it. Anyway, sorry dear! I translate all the terms given into English, hope you don't mind :).

Your Nicknames:
  1. ANI- Family and Friends call me Ani, most people call me "Ani"
  2. Sayang- My Hubby is the only one who calls me "sayang"
  3. Mama Ani- my nephews and nieces call me "Mama Ani"
  4. Ainul- A few of my old friends call me "Ainul"
  5. Ilyani- Sometimes my dad used to call me Ilyani, nobody else has ever call me that name.
You are kind of person who are:
  1. Low-profiled
  2. Simple
  3. Tolerant and respect others
  4. Forgiver
  5. Stubborn and firm
  6. Hate ignorance, isolation and war.
Who is your special ones? Describe why he/she seems so special to you.
  • First person is definitely my Hubby :)
  1. He can accept me the way I am
  2. Put a great effort to get married with me at early age. Both of us just couldn't wait anymore ;P.
  3. Gives me everything I yearn from a man
  4. He is willing to sacrifice for me
  5. Help me when I am in need, wipe my tears when I am crying, and being on my side through upside down.
  • My Parents and Parents-in-law including my family members
  1. They know me better than anyone else.
  2. There is no words to describe how important their existence is to my life.
Your Favourite songs:
  1. Father and Son : Yusuf Islam
  2. Wild world : Yusuf Islam
  3. Collbie Caillat : Bubbly
  4. Too many to be listed here. Better stop now.
Your favourite foods are:
  1. Supplements: Evening Primrose Oil, Fish oil, Vitamin C and Vitamin E
  2. Fruits- Any fruit
  3. Cereals
  4. Dairy foods: Yogurt, Milk and cheese
  5. Chocolates especially when I feel tense
Your favourite colours are:
  1. All pastel colours such as pink, peach, cream and etc.
  2. Black
  3. White
Three things you must have inside your handbag
  1. Keys
  2. Purse
  3. Mobile phone
When was the last time you cried? Why was it happened?
  • A few days ago because my dear sister- Arwah Nurul Izzati passed away :(.
Tag six of your friends:
  1. Mama Ulfa.
  2. Widyana :), my tagging's victim.
  3. Anyone who is interested, very much welcomed :)

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salam ziarah.. we hv a quite similar name lah;p.. nma sy wan ainul alyani. family n my childhood buddies call me Ani. some other friends call me Ainul. Cuma ayah saya je panggil sy alyani.. my nephews n nieces plak pggil sy cekni..

July 11, 2009 at 1:24 AM

Salam awak..waa..!! terkejut sgt! first time jumpe org name nak dekat same ngan kite, minatk yg baik2 tu sae ngan kite ..heh :B..salam ukhuwah :)..selamat berkenalan ..

July 14, 2009 at 6:56 AM

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